A Small Baby Of 680 Grams Is Born And Fights To Live

A Small Baby Of 680 Grams Is Born And Fights To Live

Medical specialists know that there are indicators that determine whether a newborn is healthy or not and whether his life is threatened by any disease. The weight of a baby is one of these criteria, which means that if it is below a certain threshold, the infant's chances of survival are quite small.

What determines weight in a newborn

The genetic factor
Just as it is the case for the size criterion, most of the newborn's weight is rooted in the family. Dr. Marie-Aline Charles says, "There is a clear relationship between the birth weight of parents and that of unborn children. ". This means that if a mother weighs four kilos at birth, she will be more likely than another to give birth to a coated baby. And the same goes for the opposite case, where low-weight parents will be more likely to give birth to a lean baby.

Mother's diet
Epidemiological studies have shown that a mother with a good weight will give birth to a healthy child. But weight gain during pregnancy is very important, because the more the mother grows, the more the baby benefits. Dr. Charles: "It is more exactly the weight gained at the beginning of the pregnancy that will define the future of the weight of the newborn. "

The miraculous story of a baby born prematurely
Anita Hyams, 38, from Southend, England, gave birth to a baby only six months after the start of pregnancy. And given all the complications that made the pregnancy difficult, Anita and her husband, Dan, just hoped their little one would survive.

Little William was born 23 weeks and five days after his mother became pregnant with him, knowing that the legal limit for abortion in England is 24 weeks. The baby came into the world prematurely, it was feverish and weighed only 680 grams.

There have been many cases of premature babies who survived and were able to lead healthy lives into adulthood. But the case of the little boy of the Hyams was different for two reasons: the couple has already had to face complications in terms of conception and pregnancy without forgetting the fact that their baby was born 2 days before the legal limit of abortion. Anita and Dan hope that their son will grow up healthy and that the abortion limit is less than 24 weeks.

A childbirth that was not entirely planned
The thirty-year-old mother was six months pregnant when, while she was busy working as a nurse in the intensive care unit, she began to feel febrile without dwelling on it. But during the night, she woke up because she did not feel well and she had pain. She took paracetamol to relieve herself, but by 5 am she woke up again, except this time she was sure the work had started.

Anita had already lost a child after nine weeks in December 2015 and had a hard time getting pregnant because of her polycystic ovary syndrome and hypothyroidism. Before she could conceive, she was taking metformin, a drug that was supposed to increase fertility to increase her ovulation rate. But William is the only one of the couple's three children to have been conceived without the use of this drug.

"I was even afraid to touch him because he was so small that he was the size of my hand. It was like having a real miracle in front of one's eyes, it was well formed but not fully developed. It looked like a miniature version of a baby. Said Ms. Hyams.

The boy was then quickly transferred to the Royal London Hospital and attended by the medical staff in the neonatal intensive care unit for a period of 45 days. He stayed 4 months in the hospital to ensure that he will not have any more complications after returning home.

William was finally able to be brought home and his two sisters, Olivia and Marion, aged 8 and 5, were eagerly awaiting him. He is 16 months old now and is in very good health. This miracle will give hope to many parents who find themselves in such situations, because you have to persevere, do your best and believe it because as long as there is life, there is hope.
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