8 Reasons Why Your Breakup Was The Best Decision You Made

If you have already experienced a breakup, you know that often the mourning of the relationship will last a long time. But despite the time and difficulty of such an ordeal, building new bonds is always the best thing that can happen to you. However, if you feel doubtful about your breakup, here are 8 reasons why this step is the best decision you made.

A man worthy of your love will never let you think for a second that you can be better without him. However, a man who never loved you and broke your heart whenever he had the opportunity, will always push you to ask why you are in a relationship with him. But it is only when you leave him that you finally have answers to your questions!


8 reasons why breaking is the best decision you made.

1. He did not love you unconditionally, but you loved him.
When you started going out with him, it was all a whirlwind. A romance flourished, and you were madly in love. Although the flame begins to fade, you have continued to love it with all your heart and accepted its flaws. He does not stop making you responsible for the coldness that has settled in the couple despite your efforts, so you realize that he is not ready to love you as you do.

2. He never supported your dreams.
You had ambitions and goals for which you worked hard, but what he wanted was for you to put your dreams aside and help him achieve his own. Your success was not so important to him, and it's one of the main causes of break-up in most relationships.

3. The relationship revolved around his needs, not yours.
You always did what he wanted to do, you always went where he wanted to go, and you had the impression that he did not let you have your say in the decisions that you should have made as a couple. His desires and feelings were always a priority, to the point that he was never there for you when you needed them.

4. He kept apologizing, but never changed.
You blamed him for not giving the best of himself in the relationship, you often have mature conversations about his involvement in the couple. But unfortunately, his apology was not very sincere and he never intended to change.

5. He made promises that he did not keep.
He kept telling you that things would be better in your relationship in the future. He made you hope for a future that would never come true! He promised you that he would be there for you but he did not keep his promise until you finally accepted the fact that he was never going to do it.

6. He did not appreciate how incredible you are because he never paid attention.
A man who cherishes his wife and really loves her wants to get to know her more, he spends time to explore who she really is. Your man has never dug into your personality to discover all the incredible things you can offer him. Why then perish in this relationship while you can shine in another.

7. His vision of the future did not include you.
He always talked about everything he wanted to do and what he would like to do, and he never included you in his lofty ambitions. He has never talked about your future, what you can become in 10 years or at least the places he wants to discover with you.

8. The relationship lasted through your efforts, not his.
You were the person who nourished this relationship, the reason it lasted so long, and he simply took advantage of your efforts without having to do one thing. In the end, you were emotionally and physically exhausted to give everything without ever receiving anything in return.

Now the time has come to turn the page, tell yourself that life has only beautiful things to offer and that the best is always ahead.

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