This Millionaire Lives With Only 102 $ Per Month And Will Offer His Fortune Of 714 Million Dollar To The Poor

In this world of brutes where everyone is preoccupied with their own needs, and where the poor are neglected and abandoned by some wealthy thirsty for money and power, there are always people who have hearts in gold, and who can sometimes surprise with their limitless altruism, and their kindness that warms our hearts, and retrace the smile on our lips. Take the example of this millionaire who decided to sell his wealth of 627 million dollars to charity, and lead a modest life with very little money.

When we see the cruelty and indifference that prevails in our world, when we look at innocent children starving while others spend their money in trinkets, when we see the huge number of people who have become distorted and self-starving to the point of losing all the empathy and compassion that nature has endowed them with. One might think that kindness and generosity have no place in our universe, and that humanity and love are just words that the media likes to make us hear to distract our minds. But fortunately, some people like this millionaire who has decided to donate his fortune to charity, always succeed in giving us faith in humanity, warming our hearts and making us believe in a better world.

An altruism without limits ...

Chow Yun-Fat is an internationally recognized Hong Kong actor for his many achievements, and his outstanding career that has inspired dozens of artists around the world. After accumulating success in his many years of hard work, this actor now has a fortune that is estimated at $ 714 million, the equivalent of 627 million euros, a very important sum that makes you dream, and arouses the envy and jealousy of some of his colleagues.

Unlike some new money-hungry rich people, who spend huge amounts of money on luxury cars, and useless products that cost thousands of dollars, Chow Yun-Fat's wealth after being a victim poverty in his youth, did not prevent him from remaining modest, and lead a simple and ordinary life without ever feeling superior to the poor, nor take the big head as do some stars.

For Chow Yun-Fat, money is only one way to support himself, the latter is so preoccupied with giving and receiving the love of others that he has little time to think about material things. According to Jayne Stars, a site dedicated to Hong Kong actors, Chow Yun-Fat would only spend $ 102 a month (or 90 euros), he never buys luxury clothes, and only invest in the things he really need. He also plans to offer his entire fortune to charities.

"I dream of being a normal and happy person, the hardest thing in the world is not how to get rich, but simply how to stay in peace, and live life in simplicity and carelessness" That's what the actor revealed during his viral interview with the site Jayne Stars.

The story of Chow Yun-Fat went around the web, and aroused reactions as vivid and different as each other. While some congratulated the actor for his generosity, others said it is simply impossible to live on $ 102 a month, and that is a lie. But one thing remains certain: Whatever the amount of the expenses of this actor, we can not deny all the charitable actions he undertakes, and all the efforts he provides to help the poor. We hope that his story will be a source of inspiration and encouragement to all those wealthy people who have the means to help others, and that we can one day end the poverty in our world.

Why is it important to help others?
If you believe that charity is a sacrifice that does not bring you anything on the personal level, think again! Know that it is impossible to warm the heart of a poor person without nature reward you, and that charity is a kind of therapy that turns you into a serene person, it helps you achieve a state of well-being deep and incomparable that money can never buy you.

And if you think that poverty and misery have spared you, and that you will never need others, you are making a big mistake! Be humble and generous, spread your positivity around you, and help transform this world into a better world.
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