To Have A Boy Is To Have A Prince Charming For Life

Some women prefer to have girls, or think (wrongly) that motherhood would be simpler with a girl. However, being the mother of a little boy has several advantages. A boy will look at you with wonder, admire you at any age, and you will be, in his mind, the eternal incarnation of feminine perfection. Here are 10 reasons why having a little boy is having a prince charming for life!

To Have A Boy Is To Have A Prince Charming For Life

10 reasons why having a boy is awesome

When you have a girl, baby clothes are, it is agreed, much more cute. Between pink, glitter, pompons, you will not know where to turn. But know ladies that boys' clothes are simpler, and see this limited range as an advantage, it will facilitate you choice and therefore your life as a new mother. Because eventually, you will not spend so much to dress your little boy.

His boundless energy is communicative
Little boys tend to be very physical and have a lot of energy. It is a real pleasure (certainly sometimes scary and tiring) to watch him go on an adventure and discover the world around him.

The hair
Hair frizzy, curly, or downright bald? Do not panic it's a boy! There will necessarily be little maintenance and you may even be able to cut it yourself at home. Forget the hairdressing sessions (braids, buns ...) that take you a crazy time in the morning. A comb and the case is settled.

You are the love of his life
Call it the Oedipus complex if you want, but no one can deny that little boys have a special love for their mum. A boy is the only man who will find you pretty, even tired, puffy eyes, and hair firecracker.

With a boy, no pressure
A boy is more likely to want to marry someone like you than to look like you. To have a girl is to show her how to be a woman, for better or for worse. With a boy, you do not have that kind of pressure!

The nicknames
My cabbage, my little guy, my little monkey ... What do you call your little boy? Baby nicknames tend to resonate strangely, and your boy has proven that this is not always the case. It's a nice way to express your affection to your little guy.

His dad falls more easily into childhood
Your mother-in-law must have told you stories, but nothing better to get a glimpse of the situation than to see him fall back to childhood with his little boy. It is always particularly touching to see the complicity and love reign between the two men in your life.

The opportunity to discover boy toys
Small, you certainly had more barbies than figurines. Having a boy is an opportunity to discover games you may not know.

No rose
Ask the moms of little girls, the rose is quickly weary. But we have never heard anyone complain about too much blue, green, or brown.

No risk that your cycles are sync
Even the most ardent defenders of baby girls are afraid of teenage puberty and hormonal mood swings. To have a boy is the certainty of being safe from this critical period. Of course boys also have their seizures, but to a lesser extent, and at least you are sure you never have your periods at the same time.
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