Discover The Baby Who Refuses To Let Go Of His Mother After Birth

The wonderful attachment that unites a mother to her child begins in pregnancy. During the latter, her behavior changes, she becomes more caring and more affectionate. The baby recognizes his voice and is excited when he hears it. From the first moments to the end of life, mother-child love is always admirable and never ceases to move us.

Discover The Baby Who Refuses To Let Go Of His Mother After Birth

The unbelievable attachment of this newborn to his mother

During a delivery at the hospital, it is customary for the mother to be allowed to take her child in her arms before first aid is given to the newborn.

When Brenda Coelho, a young Brazilian mother, gave birth to her baby by caesarean section at Santa Monica Hospital, the doctors did not break the habit and handed the little girl over to her mother. At that moment, an incredible thing happened: the baby, who only came into the world for a few minutes, seemed to recognize her mother and clung to her holding her face.

Brenda, who was probably still under the influence of anesthetics, still opened her eyes and smiled happily at the moment of this embrace.

But when the nurse wanted to pick up the baby to clean and provide first aid, the baby did not want to let go of her mom and held her with her little arms.

The mother-child relationship

The incomparable bond that a mother and her child share is undoubtedly one of the most precious relationships that exist.

What makes this relationship so special is undoubtedly the unconditional love of the mother for her child.

The feeling that the mother feels for him in her heart is so profound that a child feels it, as far from it as it is, even at the end of the world.

Mothers are special

The love of a mother has incredible power, it nourishes the relationship between her and her child and it has the particularity that it never disappears, no matter how much it is loved in return.

Sometimes a child is not always able to understand it and it is only later in life that he realizes everything that he has done and sacrificed for him.

A mother works tirelessly every day to bring to her child everything he needs, and to make him happy. It deprives itself to fill it and is satisfied only when it is certain that it lacks nothing.

When we realize this and that a mother will not stay there forever, we learn to love, value, respect and honor her.

Maternal love is what allows the child to grow well

His mother's love is incredibly important to a child.

The more the child receives affection and care as a child, the better it develops and the more mature it becomes healthy, balanced and happy.

Being loved by one's mother in particular helps the child to have good self-esteem, to be healthy and to reduce the risk of mental illness.

His attention, his soft voice, his hugs and kisses are irreplaceable for a child, so much so that those who do not receive them can experience a lack all their life.

It is probably because newborns and infants are unable to show any form of gratitude and reciprocity to the love and selfless acts of their mother, that the story of Brenda and her daughter is also moving.

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