A Mother Gives Birth To Triplets, But Doctors Never Saw A Baby As The Third One

Waiting for 3 babies at the same time is a very rare phenomenon. With only 4000 births triplets each year in usa and if we take into account all the risks of complications that include such pregnancies, both for mothers and babies, giving birth to three newborns safe and sound can to be like a miracle.

The dizygotic triplets are "false triplets": they come from the fertilization of three eggs by three spermatozoa and have evolved into three separate placentas and three different amniotic sacs.

But what makes the birth of these babies so extraordinary, because this extremely rare phenomenon concerns only one birth on 80 thousand, is that two of them were born while they were still in their amniotic pocket.

The miracle of the birth of little Adeline
Dr. Rodrigo da Rosa Filho from Sao Paulo, Brazil, surely did not expect to see such an extraordinary spectacle the day he undertook to deliver a pregnant woman with cesarean triplets.

During the delivery, the doctor extracted two of the babies from their mother's womb while they were still in their water pockets. While one of them was quickly broken, the doctors waited a little more for the second, because the little girl who was there seemed to sleep so peacefully that Dr. da Rosa Filho did not dare to disturb her . The team waited patiently for the baby to "wake up" before getting out.

It was thus that we admired the rare and wonderful sight of a baby living quietly in his amniotic pocket, outside the maternal womb.

On instagram, the Brazilian gynecologist shared his emotion and wonder with the world when he posted the following message:

"Yesterday, we gave birth to triplets! (...) But then, Adeline arrived (...) and we all found to admire her while she slept deeply. We stayed (as frozen) for seven minutes to observe her behavior as if she were still in her mother's womb. It's the magic of life. "

Triplet pregnancies carry more risk

Both the mother and the triplets run many risks during pregnancy, including:

- Premature delivery: different causes may explain that almost all triplets are born prematurely, but the main one is the lack of space in the womb of the mother to allow three babies to grow and grow at the same time time

- Complications in babies related to prematurity

- Stunted growth and baby size below average

- maternal pre-eclampsia, which is the leading cause of death for pregnant women in the West; Gestational diabetes or anemia in the mother

Breeding triplets
Bringing triplets safe and sound is a miracle of nature; as for raising them, it can be like a real feat.

While caring for and caring for a newborn is not easy for most parents, having three at a time is certainly one of the hardest things to do. This is why the majority of triplet parents use external help, whether from family members or professionals such as childminders.

Some considerations for future parents of triplets
As one prepares for the birth of a single child, it is equally important to take into account various important factors that will affect the family's daily life after the birth of babies.

It is therefore important to think carefully about practical and financial solutions for the following elements:

- Housing: ensure that the size and layout of your home are adequate and that it can accommodate three children in comfort

- Transport: an ergonomic vehicle adapted to a large family is often a compulsory acquisition, as well as that of car seats and a stroller adequate

- Triples: make sure you get enough clothes or bed linen. It will also have 3 cradles, three sets of blankets, three sets of bottles ...
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