A Man Kneels Down To Ask His Girlfriend's Daughter If He Could Be His Father

A Man Kneels Down To Ask His Girlfriend's Daughter If He Could Be His Father

The marriage proposals are beautiful and moving when done creatively. A way to show his real love for his sweetheart. However, the man we are going to talk to has made a particular request not only to his girlfriend, but also to his girlfriend, to whom he asked if he could be his father!

The power of love
Love is a beautiful feeling that brings together two people. One of the most beautiful things in the world is to finally find someone with whom to share the rest of one's life.

Love gives the strength and courage to do things that people find difficult or impossible to do. One can imagine how easy our lives become when we finally find our soul mate.

Love is important for the mind and body. The more connected you are to a person, the more physically and emotionally you will be healthy.

Love is probably the best anti-depressant, because one of the most common sources of depression is the feeling of being alone or unloved. Most depressed people do not like each other and do not feel loved by others. They are also very focused on themselves, which makes them less attractive to others and deprives them of opportunities to meet love.

There is a myth in our culture that love comes by chance. As a result, the depressed are often sitting waiting for someone to love them. But love does not work that way. To get love and keep it, you must also give it, be active, and learn how to love and be loved.

Most of us draw their ideas on the love of popular culture. We come to believe that love is something that takes us like a storm. Waiting for love an instant gratification. We think it's love when it's just fun and excitement.

One consequence is that when we meet true love, we are upset and disappointed because many factors do not fit the cultural ideal. Some of us become demanding and control the spouse, wanting the person to do what we think is ideal, without realizing that our ideal is misplaced and unrealistic, and that we have to know how to give love without waiting for a counterpart.

This is the case of this man from the state of Oregon, in the United States, who understood what it is true love, and who had the courage to make a very particular request to his girlfriend .

A special marriage proposal
When Danny Moore wanted to propose to his girlfriend Angel Pitchford, there was not one person to whom he wanted to make this request. He also wanted to ask his girlfriend's girlfriend to accept him as his father.

It is important that a new relationship begins based on the acceptance and love of all members of the family. Marriage is a sacred bond that does not only bind two people together.

Danny Moore then proposed to his girlfriend Angel Pitchford to marry him in front of a beautiful waterfall where he also put into execution his other request, which was also to win the heart of his girlfriend's daughter.

The girl gladly accepted Danny's proposal, which knelt just to ask if he could be his father and offer him a ring. The moment was moving and impressed everyone.

We can imagine the happiness of Angel Pitchford, who not only received a marriage proposal from his lover, but could also see his daughter having a loving father-in-law. This moment was magical for Angel who saw the two most important people for her come together in such a moving way.

As soon as Danny managed to make his requests, Angel shared the photos of this memorable moment on Facebook. The publication has created a euphoria on this social network.

Moments like these make incredible stories and make people believe in the magic of love. The love story of Angel and Danny with their little girl is now a reference for all lovers.

 My heart died when he asked Brooklyn if he could be her dad and gave her a ring.

06:00 - 24 May 2018
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Angel and Danny will remember for the rest of their lives this precious moment they shared together, and for their daughter, having such a stepfather will be the greatest gift that his mother can offer him.
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