This Woman Breastfeeds Her Baby During A Wedding And Triggers A Scandal

Woman Breastfeeds Her Baby During A Wedding And Triggers A Scandal

There is nothing more natural than breastfeeding your baby. But sadly, many women feel like targets of criticism or glances and judgments when trying to breastfeed their children in public. This simple maternal gesture is now felt as a shame, thus creating a new taboo.

The benefits of breastfeeding can not be minimized for both mother and baby. Often referred to as "liquid gold", breast milk contains potent antibodies that strengthen the immune system, and help babies fight off viruses and bacteria, while providing a perfect blend of fat, protein and vitamins. In addition, breast milk is perfectly pure and at the right temperature, while being more economical in terms of time and cost.

The act of breastfeeding also helps to strengthen the bond between the mother and her child, to promote the involution of the uterus (the decrease in the volume of the uterus after childbirth), and to restore the shape of the body after pregnancy and childbirth.

A practice not always accepted
Over the years, women have tried to break the taboo surrounding breastfeeding their babies in public. But why does it shock some people? Why is the breastfeeding perspective struggling to change knowing that this practice is being promoted by the Ministry of Health and WHO? Is it because although women's breasts are biologically designed to feed, they are nowadays universally sexualized. In fact, in France, 41% of women find feeding in public "embarrassing".

We live in a society submerged in the sexualization of women, their mouths, their legs, their breasts ... Their "sex appeal" is used to sell products, to make all TV programs attractive and to attract the world, among others , towards male sports events. Because of this, women are often made to feel sexualized once part of their chest is visible. Women with larger breasts, hard to hide, often end up in very sensitive situations where they feel harassed and judged in their daily lives.

Breastfeeding in public should be a right. A mother should not feel obliged to bottle each time she decides to go out with her baby. When we talk about breastfeeding in public, we do not talk about exhibitionism, and it is not illegal under the law.

That's why I have breasts!
Naomi Jael Covert, a young German girl posted a picture of herself breastfeeding her 10-month-old son at a wedding. And in Germany, nobody thinks it is shameless or disrespectful. His photo triggered many negative comments asking him to get dressed on his post instagram.

"Here in Germany, people do not get mad. It's normal, nothing rude or bad about it. That's why I have breasts! Because God gave me breasts to feed my babies. Naomi explains. She also added, "To those who got angry about it, know that I also fed my son at the church ceremony. When you're at a wedding, perfectly dressed and your baby is hungry, well, you do not care and you feed it! "

Woman Breastfeeds Her Baby During A Wedding And Triggers A Scandal

We must at all costs stop sexualizing breastfeeding so that a baby can enjoy breast milk in public and make the ideal start in life. The more public breastfeeding is done, the less taboo becomes, and future generations will be healthier.
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