Here Is The Most Beautiful Girl In The World

The Most Beautiful Girl In The World

All the children of the world are beautiful, and the mere fact of watching them smile can be enough to brighten our days, and to give us hope. However, some children can be so beautiful that they can steal the show from the biggest stars in the world. Take the example of this little Russian girl who, thanks to her charm and great beauty, was able to parade on the podiums of the most prestigious brands, and win the title of the most beautiful girl in the world last year.

A few years ago the French Thylane Blondeau was considered the most beautiful girl in the world, but this Russian girl aged 7 easily managed to dethrone her title. This is Anastasia Knyazeva, the star child whose photos have been inflaming social networks since 2017.

An unparalleled beauty ...

When Anastasia was born 7 years ago, her parents were very pleasantly surprised to find that she was exceptionally beautiful. Her big blue eyes, and her porcelain doll-like features were praised by everyone she met. Little by little, people began to tell her mom that she had to do modeling, but she was still hesitant despite all the attractive offers she received from the advertising agencies.

Over the days, Anastasia began to develop a real passion for modeling, she kept on walking in front of people imagining herself on a podium, and she loved being photographed. Her parents had the idea to send her application to a renowned advertising agency, and thanks to its outstanding beauty, she was immediately recruited.

Today, Anastasia is a model of renown, she poses for major brands of ready-to-wear, and she was recently voted "The most beautiful little girl in the world". It is obvious that the little Russian girl has a bright future and full of beautiful surprises in front of her.

And contrary to what some people might think, Anastasia is a little girl who leads a normal life like any other child of her age, takes music lessons, and loves to sing in her spare time. Moreover, despite the celebrity she enjoys, she remains very modest, and behaves in a humble and benevolent way with her friends.

Despite her young age, Anastasia is not immune to the sometimes cruel criticism of Internet users. Indeed, some people accuse her parents of using their daughter to earn money and celebrity, they think a girl her age should not wear make-up or modeling. Comments that prompt us to ask questions about the possible negative effects of modeling on the psychological and physical health of these star children.

Modeling: A dangerous scourge for our children?
When we were kids, we all dreamed of becoming famous, and making one of the prestigious magazines, but unfortunately or fortunately, we have not all been able to achieve this dream. In recent years, we have seen more and more children appear on the catwalk of ready-to-wear brands, and while some of these children seem very happy with their situation, it is obvious that benefiting so much celebrity at such a young age is not without consequences on their psychology.

Today, despite the growing number of children stars, specialists in psychology evoke this phenomenon very rarely, but the stories of some children who do modeling show us that their living and working conditions do not are not as nice as we think ...

While the other children are carefree, and have no real concerns, some child models can experience real pressure from the advertising agencies. They must always monitor their appearance, and especially their weight, which can cause them eating disorders and a range of psychological and social problems. It should also be noted that the universe of modeling is very competitive, it can expose children to a significant amount of stress that may negatively impact their schooling and their daily lives.

Should he prevent his child from becoming a model? Not necessarily, because modeling is a dream for many children. However, the parents of a child model must always stay by his side, and monitor his psychological state closely. They also need to ensure that the agencies with which the child works respect his body and his privacy, and that they see modeling as a hobby for the child, not a profitable investment for them.
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