This Man Has Married 5 Women And Has 24 Children, He Wants You To Discover His Life

In our countries, we tend to feel a certain discomfort, even aversion to polygamy, which consists of a man having several women at the same time. And it is only recently, since the advent of the era of the liberation of women, that this way of life has become completely taboo, which has been practiced throughout history and in various cultures. around the world and the Mormon fundamentalists community is a prime example.

This Man Has Married 5 Women And Has 24 Children, He Wants You To Discover His Life

Mormon fundamentalism
The Fundamentalist Community of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (FLDS), more commonly referred to as Mormon Fundamentalism, is a religious movement from the Mormon Orthodox Church. The latter claiming to have restored the original Christianity, living mainly in North America. But there are Mormons even in France, their number reaches 40,000.

Among the peculiarities of this doctrine, there is the fact that it advocates polygamy taking as models the patriarchs mentioned in the Bible who had more than one woman.

Brady Williams, his wives and children
This man married 5 women. They live with their 24 children in a small FLDS community around Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Brady and his women adhered to the group's beliefs until a few years ago, but withdrew after reconsidering their beliefs.

Although they no longer belong to the community, they have maintained their polygamous lifestyle, which they now share with the world through the My Five Wives reality show, and thus show that polygamy can be healthy. and stable.

Immersion in the daily life of a polygamous family
This is how, for example, you learn that the family lives in two houses located side by side, where each of the wives has their own space with their children. Every night, Brady goes to one of his women's houses so that each of them has him at his side once every five nights.

A healthy and happy family
Far from feeling oppressed or aggrieved, Paulie, Robyn, Rosemary, Nonie and Rhonda lead together with their husbands a happy life full of love and respect. Each says she is happy with Brady, her co-wives, all the kids, and their original and unusual way of life.

The keys to a successful family life
To see this man, his spouses and his children evolve day by day, we almost forget that they are special, because what emerges from the show is not so much their differences from us as the fact that they are people with great human qualities.

For a successful marriage and a long-term relationship, high moral values such as respect, love and communication are essential. Moreover, when individuals lose their moral sense, there are many crises and disasters.

If you want a successful and fulfilling family life, try to develop your moral sense as well as high values such as honesty, sharing, altruism or sense of responsibility ...

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