He Has His Face Tattooed His Little Brother Down Syndrome On His Arm To Pay Tribute

The love between brothers and sisters is a timeless and indefectible love. It's a part of our own identity and that goes beyond the difference. Whether in fusion or in rivalry, jealousy and love animate this relationship. When you love deeply like these two American brothers, it transcends the soul and the skin.

We all know siblings who spend all their time together or in any case as often as possible. But things might be different if they learned about this story. Because this young man with Down syndrome reacted in the most amazing way when he saw the tattoo of his older brother for the first time. We can say that he approves of it, that's for sure.

The tattoo
The tattoo is that of his brother inside the mouth of a lion. The little brother with trisomy 21 was struggling to achieve as he passed his hand on the arm of his brother before giving him a kiss and affectionate hug.

The boy's mother, Soares Sheila, posted the photos and video on Facebook with the caption: "Look at my little one's reaction to this beautiful tribute, his face tattooed in the lion's mouth. The video is crazy. That's why I saw Rafa ask Erick to face this lion bravely. "

She later added, "My dear friends, when I posted this video, I never thought she would get as many shares and likes. "

" I thank God. Because he was the cause of the success of this video, because contrary to what many people think, there has never been anything easy in this life. Only the United States, God and our closest friends know what we went through so that Erick is still here. "

The fight against trisomy
"Many battles, many trials, many fights, many defeats and many victories, but I never gave up on my children. And I won. Says Sheila.

" Do you know why ? Because God exists yes, have just faith, perseverance and believe that one day everything will be solved. Explains this very believing mother.

"When I posted this video, I wanted to show one more of their life episodes as I often do. A big thank you to all the friends who shared the video of my children, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart to you all. "

The post received 10,000 likes and people from all over the world made contact with the family to send messages of support. One of them said, "How not to be moved by love between brothers and sisters. Only those who have brothers and sisters know this link. Another added: "One of the most beautiful tattoos I have ever seen. And a third commented, "I hope my children will be like yours, affectionate with each other, that God continues to bless your family. "

The transmission of trisomy 21
Trisomy 21 is a chromosomal abnormality that can create during fertilization in 96% of cases. It is estimated that one third comes from the father and two thirds from the mother. Trisomy on chromosome 21 is the first cause of trisomy in France with one birth in 2000 identified. The malformations and complications reduce the life expectancy of trisomics at 50 years against 83 years for a Frenchman without anomaly. Only 10% of people with Down syndrome live until they are 70 years old. A research program called Target S21 is underway to try to "fix" the anomaly or at least reduce the malformations. A trisomic may transmit his abnormality in a third of cases to his child.
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