Dad "Suckles" His New Born Baby : The Pictures Become Viral

Dad is breastfeeding his baby

Breastfeeding is a necessary moment from birth. Indeed, during pregnancy, the umbilical cord allows feeding the fetus. Once the cord is cut with the mother, a new link must be created. Breastfeeding is recommended in the first 6 months of the baby being born. However, in some cases, mom can not do it. Why would not dad take over?

No more dusty stereotypes where the mother takes care of the children while the father is working. Today, fathers should share more parental tasks with the mother, change diapers, bath and breastfeed. Breastfeeding, yes you read well! Dads can simulate the breastfeeding experience with a nursing care system available at the hospital. A dad, a welder from Iowa, did it and the pictures went around social networks.

The experience of breastfeeding by dads
Maxamillian and April Neubauer recently welcomed their first child, a miracle baby named Rosalia. Miracle because April thought she was unable to have children. Indeed, she suffered from a hormonal disorder causing infrequent rules. But life has found a way ... April was stunned when her pregnancy was announced. She organized herself and wanted everything ahead. She then developed a birth plan providing for "immediate" skin-to-skin contact.

However, at the time of delivery, complications have occurred. Rosalia had to be discharged by a caesarean section urgently. April was taken to the intensive care unit to recover, leaving Maxamillian at the maternity ward with the baby. A nurse convinced him to breastfeed his child. After a moment of hesitation, he agreed for the sake of his little one. April was too tired to breast feed herself.

Dad is breastfeeding his baby

The breastfeeding system for dads
"I sat down and took off my t-shirt moments later," he describes. "The nurse said we had to give her some formula and have her suck on the finger first. Just something to start it. Then she asked if I would put one of my nipples in her mouth and try to breastfeed. I said why not, "he explains. "I had a nipple protector with a tube at the end of a syringe. The nurse helped me a lot. I mean, I never breastfed or even thought I would ever do it. I was the first to breastfeed a baby! "

Dad is breastfeeding his baby

Maxamillian was connected to a bag of breast milk from which the milk was drawn. It was then dumped through a thin tube to the mouth of the newborn. The concept is simple: the baby takes the nipple to suckle and the parent simulates the experience of breastfeeding. This system is for adoptive parents, fathers and mothers who are struggling with lactation problems. It's as close as possible to reality. Maxamillian was delighted with the experience.

"I felt a connection the minute I saw my little girl. I have to hold her in my arms and help her get used to breastfeeding. Well, I hope. I really did it to be a good father and not a hero for the nursing staff. Because they are the superheroes. "

Dad is breastfeeding his baby

After posting the photos on Facebook, they became viral, getting more than 40,000 likes and 30,000 shares. Maxamillian did not expect to do anything like that, but in the end, he is happy to have managed to get out of the frame. Maybe now more dads are going to do the same thing.
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