Cats Are Able To Protect You And Your Home From Evil Spirits

Those familiar with the spiritual and mystical realm think that a guard dog can protect the house from intruders and unwanted people, a cat also plays the role of protector but on a different plane, much more subtle and vital; It is able to detect negative energy and protect you from it.

Cats and negative energy
You must have noticed one day that your cat was staring at an empty place in the room or that his attention was absorbed by something invisible. Know then that it is likely that your cat expresses its sensitivity towards a concentration of negative energy and tries to protect you and your house from any intrusion of an evil spirit.

These animals would be able to trap the entity in question in a strong magnetic field and take it out of the house.

Similarly, they would obviously have the faculty to guess the intentions of the spiritual entities. To this end, the Russians have a tradition when moving into a house; they let a cat in first so that the extraordinarily intense aura of these animals can eliminate the negative energy that would have been left by the former owners of the place.

Method to remove heavy negative energy

According to connoisseurs of spiritualism, you can apparently help your cat to chase bad waves and evil spirits from your home. If you see that your cat is particularly interested in a specific place in your home, then you could recite prayers or perform some ritual to chase bad things.

So you can burn white sage leaves. You can also rub the leaves between your thumbs and your index fingers, this will better release the purifying power of the plant.

Continue to observe your cat to see if he is still attracted to this place or if your ritual has had the desired effect.

Protection against curses and the evil eye
Like talismans and other necklaces worn in many cultures around the world for the purpose of protecting the evil eye, know that a cat is, it seems effective when it comes to protect you from bad thoughts of others.

There is a method to get the most out of the magnetic field generated by a cat and that is to caress his neck gently with his left hand while passing your other hand along his tail.

This animal also embodies an interesting healing power that you can take advantage of by lengthening, for example, and then stroking your cat to eliminate stress and anxiety.

Immunity against the effects of geopathogenic areas
If you live in an area like this, be aware that your cat can help you bypass it. It should be remembered, however, that these areas are so named because they affect the health of individuals chronically.

The dense and constant flows of negative energy emanating from these areas can be dispelled by the cat's spiritual powers.

Capacities may vary by color
Until then we have discovered together what makes the cat a very special animal compared to others in general. Let us now look at the details since, according to connoisseurs of the mystical domain, the colors of the cats would decide the presence of this or that faculty.

Black Cats

They are known to be the most powerful against occult powers and curses. These are the best if you want to drive negative energies out of your home.

Calico Cats

They are a mix between the characteristics of black, red and white cats. They would also provide good protection against mystical forces. They are commonly associated with luck and prosperity.

Russian blue cats

These cats would have a positive effect on the emotional stability in a home and would bring joy and love to the lives of the inhabitants. This symbol of quiet energy is often associated with luck and happiness.

Thai Siamese Cats

These cats are very entertaining and would bring glory and success to their masters, while allowing them to lead a long life.

Two-color cats

Black cats

They would be holders of an energy improving wisdom and common sense.

Tortoiseshell cats

It would be about specialists in healing and have some foresight. Such a dress generally exists only in females, which gives them this specificity.

Golden cats

These cats were for a long time the object of a certain adoration in the temples. They are often associated with ancient wisdom, grace, and solar energy.

Tabbies Cats

These would be able to enhance the mood in a venue and amplify the positive vibes related to humor and entertainment.
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