After 77 Years Of Marriage, This Couple Was Buried Hand In Hand In The Same Coffin

Dreams to realize, love to share and unlimited happiness for all life, until "death separates us". Promises that couples make at the wedding but some are able to keep this promise while others do not survive the storms of marriage. The couple in this article has a heartwarming story! After 77 years of marriage, Raymond and Velma Bruer asked to be buried in the same coffin hand in hand.

The media often portrays marriage as a romantic end, but the reality is that this union is so complex and difficult, even for the most committed partners. We rely more and more on our spouses to play a lot of roles in our lives: friends, lovers, parents and financial partners. Despite this, some couples do just like the Bruer.

Engaged one day, engaged forever!
Velma and Raymond had founded a beautiful family in Dawson Township, Missouri. After getting married at a young age, the couple had six children and a dozen grandchildren. At the time of Raymond's death, only three of their children were still alive.

In the last few months, Raymond's health had begun to deteriorate. Despite his pain and suffering, he did everything he could to make his wife smile. He asked nurses to bring flowers for her, and he tried to write sweet notes of love. In the last hours of his life, he had the comforting idea of sharing the same coffin with his wife, so he talked about it with a nurse.

Raymond must have known that he had only a few hours left to live. He had lived 97 years, and had spent nearly 80% of his life with his wife. Now that it was time for him to leave, he was holding his wife's hand close to his heart. When a nurse entered the room, Raymond was saying goodbye to his dear wife.

A few hours later, Raymond breathed his last, Velma hugged him tightly and whispered that she loved him. Less than 30 hours after the death of her husband, Velma also gave up.

Remembering Raymond's last request, the nurse spoke to the couple's relatives about the idea of the shared casket. At the end of the week, a joint funeral was held for the couple. They were holding hands in the same coffin.

What is the secret to last a long time in marriage?
When two people with different stories meet, there will be times when the best thing to hope for is to find a way to coexist and maintain a neutral position towards the other. Here are some tips for lasting success, know that it is never too early to use them, even if you have just started the journey of your relationship.

Adopt a mentality of commitment: Engaged husbands lean more towards realism than romanticism during difficult times and are aware that their needs will remain unfulfilled for a while in the relationship.

Building the relationship: It is extremely valuable to teach your partner who you are and what makes you feel loved. As human beings, we can not read the thoughts of others. However, it is essential to know what works for both of you and to act on it. Otherwise, you risk building an egocentric marriage instead of a functional relationship.

Supporting your partner in difficult times: Long-term married couples have often experienced many events together including births, graduation, death of family members, career changes, financial ups and downs. With all these changes, it is important to have someone at your side to hold your hand and share this long way with confidence.
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