This 99 Year Old Man Divorces His Wife Because He Discovers That She Cheated On Him 70 Years Ago

To love a person, to decide to spend the rest of his life with her and to marry her is something that should not be taken lightly at all. Commitment is not just a word, it is a principle that should be considered sacred by couples. Unfortunately, at times, this pact of heart breaks because, for example, of an infidelity, the confidence finally disappears and the love dies little by little as it was the case for this man.

Unfaithfulness is a scourge capable of annihilating any relationship and any couple, no matter under what circumstances it was formed or how long it lasted. The life of a couple loses much of what gave it meaning and is characterized by three things including:

The lie becomes part of the daily life of both partners
This is quite natural since very few people tolerate sharing or even giving up their love for someone else, regardless of the type of extramarital relationship in question. And despite the evolution of mentalities that we know today, this type of relationship is always recognized, rightly, as the ultimate disloyalty in a couple.

Recurring disputes
Once the desire and passion have left the couple, a gap inevitably widens between the two partners. Sudden changes in behavior and other negative feelings such as frustration, hopelessness, anger, which, in turn, further ruin the stability of a relationship as well as its sustainability.

This 99 Year Old Man Divorces His Wife Because He Discovers That She Cheated On Him 70 Years Ago

Double life or rupture
These are the two scenarios faced by both partners following an extramarital affair. And it is more precisely the one who undergoes infidelity who is in the obligation to make a crucial choice: to go to the evidence and end the relationship that has become toxic and unlivable or to agree to share his partner with someone one else. Knowing that there are also a lot of situations where it is the unfair partner who ends up putting an end to everything since he thinks he does not find in his life as a current couple what he had always wanted.

The discovery of an extramarital affair after 77 years of life together
The man of Italian origin, presented as "Antonio C." by the lawyer in charge of the divorce case, was searching in an old dresser before making a discovery that will have changed everything for him, a few days before the new year. He has indeed discovered traces of epistolary exchanges dating from the 1940s, between his wife Rosa C., 96 years old, and a foreigner. The latter has really expressed a lot of guilt and confessed everything, which will not suffice to appease the feeling of betrayal of the old man.

As a result, and despite the time that has elapsed since this incident of infidelity, Antonio was so disappointed and disgusted that he eventually filed for divorce.

The old couple suddenly began the divorce process despite all the links that have been woven within it in almost 80 years. Not to mention the fact that they have a big family: 5 children, a dozen grandchildren and a great-grandson.

Reasons that could be causing the separation
The discovery of the letters was actually the death blow for a marriage that was already very complicated at the base. The husband had even left his home in Rome to stay with one of his sons before returning home a few weeks later.

The Italian media say that such a daring and unexpected decision can only be due to the couple's southern blood, as the husband is from Olbia in Sardinia and his ex-wife was born in Naples.

The case will have marked a new world record, at least as regards the age of the oldest person who divorces the world. On the couples side, Bertie and Jessie Wood are the world record holders aged 98 each. The marriage of the two Britons will have lasted 36 years and ended in 2009, knowing that they were only two years from their 100th birthday.
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