Here Are The Winners Of The Contest Of The Most Beautiful Photos Of Births In 2018

Marijke Thoen by Marijke Thoen Geboortefotografie titled the picture above: "Meeting of the brothers and sisters". As you discover the winner of the general competition and the choice of the public, we invite you to see the winners by categories. All these photos have one thing in common: Demonstrate strength, love and courage in this apparition of life.

Few experiences are as striking as childbirth. From the moment a mother discovers she is pregnant to the first breath of her baby, it can be difficult to express what it means. But when words fail, birth photography is there to immortalize that magical experience. These specialized photographers capture motherhood, work and life when the baby arrives. To celebrate the best of birth photography, Birth Becomes Her - a community of passionate women organized a photo contest celebrating "true images of birth, breastfeeding and motherhood".

The organization of the contest
The Birth Becomes Photo Contest is divided into five categories describing the different phases of pregnancy and postpartum. Categories include maternity, work, birth, childbirth and breastfeeding. For each of them, the first three places are rewarded. The public also rewards a photo by category. This year, the contest received nearly 1,000 entries from photographers from around the world. The winning photographs represent an honest and nuanced view of family life, from moments of joy to hard times.

The big winners
The winning photo of Marijke Thoen's contest was rejected by the social networks that removed it from their pages (Facebook and Instagram) judging it too explicit. For the general public, it has been judged positively since it is also the winning photo of the choice of the public. Taken in black and white, the image is captured only a few seconds after birth in the baby's water. The focus is on the newborn and his sister. The baby starts to cry while his curious sister stands in front of him. Thoen's masterful eye, in the right place at the right time, exteriorizes a fraction of a second. He said: "Birth is a beautiful moment, sometimes raw and emotional, but always natural".

Discover the winners by category (Maternity / Work / Birth / Breastfeeding / Postpartum)

Maternity // First Place: Jen Conway from Jen Conway Photography Serving, "This is what a goddess looks like"

Maternity // Second place and audience choice: Benzel Photography's Melissa Benzel, "Staying Afloat"

Maternity // Third Place: Vanessa Mendez of Vanessa Mendez Photography, "Mother's Love"

Work // First Place: Rebecca Coursey-Rugh of Rebecca Coursey Photography, "Nowhere and Everywhere"

Work // Second Place: Ashley Marston of Ashley Marston Photography, "Work Under Candles"

Work // Third Place: Laura Wando from Laura Cate Photography, "Before Opening"

Work // Public Choice: Esther Edith from Esther Edith Photography, "Three souls at work for one"

Birth // First Place: Selena Rollason from Brisbane Birth Photography, "half-born and already looking for mom"

Birth // Second Place: Ker-Fox Photography's Neely Ker-Fox, "Punch for Mom"

Birth // Third place: Dominique Lamontagne by Dominique Lamontagne Photography, "Taken Between Two Worlds"

Birth // Public Choice: Caroline Devulder, "Transition to the Earth"

Breastfeeding // First Place: Cory Janiak by Ebb and Flow Photography, "At Hand"

Breastfeeding // Second place: Fox Valley's Veronika Richardson Birth and Baby, "Tranquility"

Breastfeeding // Third Place: Christina Benton by Christina Benton Photography, "Stir-Fry"

Breastfeeding // Public Choice: Gabriella Hunt by Gabriella Hunt Photography

Postpartum // First Place: Fox Valley's Veronika Richardson Birth and Baby, "It's the Valley of the Birth and the Baby"

Postpartum // Second Place: Lacey Barratt by Lacey Barratt Photography, "Renaissance"

Postpartum // Third Place: Kayla Gonzales of Austin Birth Photos, "Insensitive Postpartum"

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