A Viking Wedding Was Celebrated For The First Time In 1000 Years

A Viking Wedding

You've probably heard of weddings on the theme of Twilight, Cinderella or Star Wars. But have you ever heard of a purely traditional Vikings wedding? This is the case of Rune and Elisabeth Dalseth, who celebrated their union in the purest of Viking traditions, just like their ancestors.

Marriage and its impact on health
Although this institution is in decline in many countries, the fact remains that marriage is beneficial for health. Indeed, different studies prove it; marriage is good for mental health because it reduces the risk of depression, as well as the risk of alcohol abuse and over-medication.

An original wedding
Rune and Elisabeth Dalseth were married on August 25th, and the events of this celebration have something to impress. Inspired by the marriages that took place 1000 years ago, 36-year-old Rune Dalseth, who runs her own carpentry business, married her beloved Elisabeth, 27, on the shores of a Norwegian lake at the age of 18. an original ceremony officiated by a pagan priest.

A very different ceremony
Although having a conventional Christian education, the couple who has a 6-month-old son named Ragnar, chose to marry in the style of the fearsome Nordic warriors, making a spectacular entrance to the reception scene aboard two long boats specially designed for this event. The couple was greeted by 130 guests dressed in traditional outfits.

Faithful to tradition, the ceremony included a "stain" ritual; a cauldron filled with pig blood poured over stones in the image of the Nordic gods. This same blood is then used to mark the forehead of the bride and groom. After the ceremony, the Sunnmore couple who are part of a Vikings revival movement celebrated their union all night enjoying the old honey beer and dancing.

A pagan lifestyle
Rune met Elisabeth in 2016 at a bar. At that time, Elizabeth was excited to discover the lifestyle of the Vikings and decided to become pagan. In 2017, Rune asked her in marriage at a Viking festival in the vicinity of Oslo. The two lovebirds began the preparations for their northern marriage despite the reluctance of their parents who eventually accept the choice of their children.

Rune comes from a very Christian family. When he told his parents that he was not planning to get married in church, his mother did not agree. But she ended up respecting her choice. She finally realized how happy Rune was and how he helped her get her life in order.

Vikings for life
"We built long boats," said Rune. "They were made by a local shipbuilder. As for traditional outfits, we asked a friend to help us find some. "

"Fortunately, a friend we met at the Oslo festival agreed to be the gothi (the priest) for the ceremony. "

After the ceremony, the guests were a little surprised when the gothi told them that the bride's relatives would participate in a race against the groom's parents. The latter having lost, were to serve alcohol to the family of the bride throughout the evening.

"We had a party until the next morning. We sang and danced a lot and listened to old stories about the gods. Said Elisabeth. "Some of our guests were skeptical at the beginning of the ceremony, and a few moments later I saw them all happy and energetic. I think that if you ever have the opportunity to attend a wedding like ours, the image you have of the Vikings will change. "

"The Vikings were no more terrible than any other group of people living at that time. What people do not mention is that the Vikings loved nature, the land and animal life enormously. We want to convey this message to all people who still do not know it. "

This marriage, although original and unusual, was made following the desire of the couple to give a different image of their ancestors, the Vikings. It corresponds to their way of seeing life and their beliefs. What type of marriage did you have and would you like to have?
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