This Innovative And Comfortable House Can Be Assembled In 6 Hours And Costs Only 28,000$ !

Building a house is certainly a good project for personal fulfillment, but it also has financial drawbacks, and soaring house prices do not necessarily match the purses of those who want to access the property. the property. And even in terms of sustainable development and respect for the environment, if we want to apply to safeguard these essential aspects, the addition can become very salty and lead to build at high costs.

Today, the concept of sustainable construction or eco-construction is increasingly popular in construction projects to ensure health and comfort of the occupants. In addition, special attention is given to minimize the impact on the environment by making maximum use of natural resources. Sustainable construction makes buildings and dwellings greener, more energy efficient and more comfortable thanks to innovative construction solutions, as is the case with a concept created by the Italian architect Renato Vidal who has combined the economy of costs and time savings with the concept of sustainable construction.

A sustainable house off the grid
In order to offset the surge in prices while aligning with the notion
Eco-construction, an Italian architect, Renato Vidal has developed the assembly of a house in the form of a modular design named M.A.DI and representing a cost of only 28 000$!

A great alternative when you compare with the cost of a current construction and especially when you do not necessarily have the time or skills required for such a project.

The M.A.D.I concept is an innovative modular home that deploys to quickly and easily provide an affordable and high quality living space, which exists in different sizes according to the needs of each. These prefabricated "off-grid" homes are independent of the public grid and electricity providers. Their installation modeled on the principle of eco-construction is eco-energetic and antiseismic, they produce enough heat and energy, while being environmentally friendly.

Prefabricated houses with structures that combine well with solar panels, gray water recovery systems and LED lighting, for a 100% ecological home and that includes all modern facilities, including a bathroom with facilities sanitary fittings, kitchen fittings, a staircase and the necessary technical installations. They are especially easily transportable, packaged flat and brought directly to the construction site.

Once on site, the construction process consists of simply unfolding each module before adding roof heights, interior flooring and walls to the house. Each structure requires a team of three people and only six to seven hours for the entire assembly.

This innovative concept represents a real saving of time, money and above all, wants to be respectful of the environment!

Issues of sustainable construction
When we talk about eco-construction or sustainable construction, it involves the creation, restoration, renovation or rehabilitation of a building or a dwelling giving it place to respect as much as possible, ecology at each stage of construction while sustaining its use.

In a critical era from an environmental point of view and where it becomes necessary to apply and align with a concept of sustainable development, the challenges of sustainable construction are considerable. Building and highlighting a different habitat of high environmental quality (HQE), energy efficient and environmentally friendly and biodiversity, should be a predominant concern that should increasingly be incorporated into practices.

This could lead to a reduction in greenhouse gases, greater efficiency, local resource development and more cost-effective, accurate construction.

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