This 12-year-old Boy Kills Himself And Leaves A Message Where He Explains That He Has Suffered

This 12-year-old Boy Kills Himself And Leaves A Message Where He Explains That He Has Suffered

The psychology of a child must be considered as a priority by the parents because it is a crucial stake in the development of his personality. That's why he should always have an adult to confide his secrets, sorrows and hopes and this is where the lack of communication in some families is felt and can even lead to serious consequences.

How can school bullying make a child's life a real hell?
A child's self-esteem is based primarily on the idea that parents and loved ones have of him and the way they look at him. It is so crucial that it is double-edged and depends primarily on how families manage their relationships with their children and who will be either constructive, harmful and toxic. But from a certain age, especially early adolescence, the child's self-esteem is no longer based as much on the parents as on his peers who are either friends, neighbors' children or comrades. of class and which end up representing a full reference in his eyes.

It should also not be forgotten that this is a stage where the individual establishes a new relationship with his body through the discovery of sexuality, so that the slightest humiliation, belittlement or intimidation destroys part of his self-esteem 'to the total annihilation of the latter. He often ends up playing the role of scapegoat. And for some, the story unfortunately does not stop there ...

A whole life destroyed because of harassment
Andrew Leach, a Grade 6 student, hanged himself and left a note behind him saying that he had suffered from years of bullying and that his decision came from there. It is actually a student from Southaven College in Mississippi who took his life on March 6 this year by hanging in the family garage in the suburbs of Memphis, just north of the Tennessee border.

This 12 year old boy kills himself and leaves a message

Andrew's family said that the teenager's body was found by his 16-year-old brother. His father, Matt Leach, claims that the harassment arose as a result of his son's decision to become bisexual: "He was fighting a real struggle over his sexual orientation. He finally knew at school that he could be bisexual and that's when the harassment got bolder. "

The mother, Cheryl Hudson, said her deceased son had a "contagious smile" and was a very kind person who loved helping everyone. She also said that Andrew was sociable, that he spent a lot of time outdoors and that he often went camping.

This 12 year old boy kills himself and leaves a message

The teenager was suffering in silence
At the same time, she explained that such incidents of bullying were endemic to the school where her two sons studied and had problems. She did not fail to point out that she finally learned that there was a group of students who told her that he was fat, ugly and bereft and that she had already told the director about the school as well as her husband who has already discussed the subject with a teacher.

This 12 year old boy kills himself and leaves a message

She added that Andrew's suicide is not the first of its kind in this school because it seems that a few years earlier, a girl hanged herself in a water tower following the harassment she was undergoing. not to mention failed attempts that other children have already made.

Matt, on the other hand, says that his son's harassment was getting worse and worse, and that he had reached the stage of physical threat. He wants leaders to realize how their actions impact others. He also hopes that parents will always pay attention to changes in behavior or eating habits of their children to avoid the worst.

Following this unfortunate tragedy, a "GoFundMe" page was created in memory of Andrew, it has raised $ 10,000 (the equivalent of 8600 euros) in just a few days.

Andrew's story is not only sad because it ends tragically for a young boy, but because it has already been repeated and will be repeated over and over again as long as families and institutions schools will not have everything in place to put an end to school bullying and the damage it causes.
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