Thieves Can Take Your Baby With You With This New Kidnapping Method

There were 49,422 missing children in 2017. Many missing children are fleeing but there were 1328 disturbing disappearances. The various facts are multiplying as the kidnapping techniques. In China especially where the ravages of social measures are important.

Anne Larcher, president of the association 116 000 Missing Children regret that "some families are immediately surrounded, especially when their story is publicized. But too many other families find themselves isolated and do not know where to turn when we are here to help them. ". The cases of disturbing disappearances are unfortunately increasing in recent years (687 in 2016 against 1328 in 2017).

Cases of disturbing disappearances
By definition, any disappearance of minors is classified as disturbing. But for that, the parents have to show themselves to the authorities. For cases of fugue or suspicion of suicide, some parents are still reluctant. In the case of 17-year-old children who have passed the 18-year mark, their names are removed from the missing files and statistics are released. In reality, they are still in nature. It is first of all the context that is studied by the police to understand if the disappearance is a fugue or a kidnapping.

The case of parents with alternating custody sometimes leads one of the two parents to substitute their child for the other parent. This is what justice describes as "parental abductions".

Disappearances are treated for one third in the hours following the disappearance, for another third, the children are found within 3 months and finally for the last third, the disappearances are long periods.

Anne Larcher reminds that the test is also psychological for families. "The support is all the more important in such a situation, it is very common that the relatives go through a phase of total collapse ...". In the most extreme cases, the child is never found and unfortunately, the family can not mourn in the absence of death. They become prey to questions. Parents in France claim that dedicated teams are set up because often the file disappearing drowns under the paperwork at each transfer magistrate.

China, country of stolen children
The one-child policy that has wreaked havoc in China for almost four decades. Despite its abolition in 2015, the country continues to be plagued by child abductions. Indeed, parents now have the right to have 2 children. The impact on selective abortions (preferential choice to a boy and abortion on the birth of a girl) has been positive. Cases of kidnapping in China are estimated at 15,000 to 70,000 a year, according to sources. The lawyer Shaoyuan specifies that "families without children; those who have only girls; and those who have a boy, but want to have several descendants to match the traditional image of the family "are the main buyers of this parallel traffic. Government and local authorities often close their eyes or do not open an investigation. It even happens that the police ask the abductor's name for the victim's parents. An answer they obviously do not have.

The case of Madame J.
Like many families, Ms. J had to bring evidence of kidnapping and video surveillance from the street. It is thanks to his own investigative work that the abductor could be identified. He used a subterfuge to kidnap the child. A woman came to Mrs. J to sell soap powder for laundry. Things went extremely fast. "I lost my baby in 30 seconds," said Ms. J. painfully. Because of her friendly appearance, Mrs. J. was not suspicious. The discussion started quickly and easily. The saleswoman even cuddled the baby.

The saleswoman suggested to Mrs. J to "smell" her product. Despite the first hesitations, Mrs. J. decided to test the product. Then she fainted and fell unconscious.

When she woke up, her baby was not found, her mobile phone too. Mrs. J. ran everywhere to find her baby in vain. Thanks to the CCTV cameras, the police found the child. However, child trafficking continues in China with only 0.1% of children found. Traffickers even bribe doctors and birth certificates.

Whether in France or in other countries of the world, be vigilant by monitoring your children and teaching them the postures to adopt.
Thieves Can Take Your Baby With You With This New Kidnapping Method

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