A Mother Left Her Little Girl Locked In The Car In The Heat To Go Shopping

Many children have been neglected by adults and have been asphyxiated, locked up in a car at a very high temperature. In France, the last case of death of a child was recorded in January 2013. To say the least, this behavior remains outrageous and denotes an unforgivable irresponsibility of these parents.

A similar case of negligence occurred in Mexico where a recent video went viral and unmasked the behavior of a mother who left her 7-year-old girl locked in a car near a temperature of 38 degrees in order to go go shopping with her other daughter.

For twenty minutes, the little girl in the back of the car seemed ill-in-point since the temperature was extreme. Subsequently, the police were alerted by a man who noticed the little girl's discomfort. But on her return, the mother, panicked, immediately embarked her other daughter in the car and fled. However, all the information about her was recorded by the same man and passed on to the police who opened an investigation.

A Mother Left Her Little Girl Locked In The Car In The Heat To Go Shopping

The video went around the social networks and aroused the indignation of many Internet users who did not hesitate to condemn the irresponsible act of this mother and the dangerous consequences that the girl could have exposed herself because of heat that is dangerous, especially for children.

The real danger of a heated car
You should know that in a car, the heat can quickly rise, especially if it is dark in color. Thus, inside an automobile, the mercury can reach a temperature above 45 ° Celsius, which can become deadly especially for children under 4 years. Thus, extreme overheating of the child's body could cause cardiac arrest and death in just ten minutes. This is because the child may lose the ability to sweat to regulate its temperature and the cooling mechanism of the body is weakened. It follows dehydration and a cessation of vital functions. Moreover, this phenomenon could occur even if the external heat does not exceed 20 ° Celsius.

What are the signs of heat stroke?

A child with heat stroke will have the following symptoms:
  • High temperature exceeding 39 ° Celsius
  • A fast pulse
  • Headaches
  • Insensitivity to stimuli
  • Fast breathing
  • Vomitings
  • A loss of consciousness

What are the steps to take to help?
If a child is subjected to the malaise of heat stroke, it becomes essential to act as quickly as possible.
  • Call the emergency
  • Move the child to a cool and shady place
  • Undress and create a ventilation
  • Put a damp towel on his forehead to reduce the temperature
  • Moisturize with water or with breast milk if it's a baby.
  • Road safety recommendations

Recommendations have been published on the road safety website to draw the parents' attention to the measures to be taken to avoid any danger to the child during hot weather:

Never leave a child alone in a car even in the shade and with the windows open.
Moisturize the child every half hour.

Stay alert when changing the family routine or in case of stress and pressure so as not to forget your child in the car.

Other recommendations

There are mobile apps that can remind you to check your child's presence in the car. This check also concerns animals that are also forgotten by their owners.

Even outside of a car, protect your child from the sun with a hat, light colored loose clothing and glasses too; so it will be connected but mostly spared the danger of a real sunburn.

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