Miracles Happen, The First Man To Get Pregnant Expecting For His 4th Child

Miracles Happen, The First Man To Get Pregnant Waits For His Fourth Child

Miracles happen! Who said that a man could not give birth to a baby? Remember this man who gave birth to three babies. All are well and live their lives fully. The family will even grow.

Thomas Trace Beatie (born Tracy) is an American citizen who became known worldwide as the first "pregnant man". Several rumors have circulated about pregnant men but the reality is that only one man has his name inscribed in the famous Guinness World Records as the first man to give birth.

Meet the first pregnant man
Beatie was born a woman but at the age of 10, he realized that he felt more like a man. At 23, Beatie began her transition between the two genders.

Thomas has undergone six operations to make his dream of transformation possible. He decided to keep his female reproductive organs in order to have biological children someday.

When Thomas met his first wife, Nancy, he did not regret his choice to keep his female reproductive organs. Due to health problems, Nancy could not have children. So, her husband decided to take the role of motherhood. He explained his wish for pregnancy by saying: "To want to have a biological child is neither a masculine desire nor a feminine desire, but a human desire. "

Proud father of three children
Beatie gave birth to three children in a natural way. For their first child, Susan, Thomas was in the hospital for four days; for the second, Austin, he stayed for two days. The doctors said there was no reason to keep him in the hospital any longer as the babies were in perfect health.

With respect to their parental roles, the Oregon law states that the person giving birth is normally listed as a mother. But when Thomas and Nancy wanted to change things. Eventually, they got the birth certificates changed. Thomas said, "I am the father of my children and that's all I'll do to them. Nancy is their mother. "

Although the couple filed for divorce in 2012, both parents are actively involved in raising children. Unlike most parenting cases, it was Thomas who obtained sole custody of his three children.

Miracles Happen, The First Man To Get Pregnant Waits For His Fourth Child

Welcome, baby # 4!
Thomas remarried and was a finalist of the House of Secrets in Season 10 of Secret Story in France. After two years of testing, his second wife finally managed to get pregnant. She gave birth to a little boy named Jackson.

Thomas, meanwhile, made the choice not to give birth anymore. Indeed, he has changed his female reproductive organs into male making it sterile. The sperm of the donor of the first 3 children was then used for the procreation of the fourth.

Thomas said he had always dreamed of having a large family. Well, it seems like his dream has come true.

Transidentity has existed since the beginning of ancient Greek texts and is also present in the history of all continents (Amerindian tribes, Arabian Peninsula, Asian culture, Pacific Islands, ...). Today, the country disparity of recognition of transgender is blatant with countries where the death penalty is still in force for what is considered a crime.
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