Married For 81 Years With 110 Little Children And Happier Than Ever

Everyone has the instinctive and innate desire to marry and live a happy marriage and especially the longest possible, if not infinite! Easier said than done, some even wonder what potion to simmer or what recipe to hold and keep the keys to happiness as a couple. This is apparently what has been more than just a thing for this Mexican married couple for over 81 years!

Faustino Jacinto and Estefanía Gómez are a couple that could be described today as atypical as the longevity of their marriage seems unpublished. With more than 110 great grandchildren, they still love each other since 1932 and live happily ever after.

In a society where the longevity of a marriage tends to become almost "ephemeral" and where the mystery of a lasting union seems almost elusive, the secret of this couple intrigues and provokes admiration.

When asked about the secret of a happy and lasting marriage, they simply answer that they have always had respect for each other and that this is the basic principle of their marriage.

A model marriage that shows us that living happily ever after may not only be new but simply based on love, respect and the mutual and constant effort of two people who take the oath of marriage.

Would you like to follow their example and discover the secrets of a marriage that works and lasts? We reveal to you some to implement for a successful and 
eternal union.

Married for 81 years with 110 little children and happier than ever

Favor the good times
One study shows that couples who regularly celebrate good times for the benefit of the bad have higher levels of commitment, intimacy, trust and relational satisfaction. The important thing is to untie conflict while focusing on preserving and highlighting positive feelings and moments.

Another study focuses on "positive emotion" to achieve happiness. If a couple wants to prosper, they should not try to eliminate negative emotions or situations, but rather look for three positive elements for each negative point.

Five good times against one
Research conducted by the University of Washington tends to assert that within stable marriages, there are at least five times more positive than negative interactions. When this quotient falls, marriage has a higher risk of drifting away. For each hanging or unwelcome comment, the person must increase the number of positive points so that the ratio between good and bad is maintained.

Maintain high expectations
Dr. Baucom, marriage and family therapist, argues that one or both partners who have high expectations within the couple end up getting the object of their desires and desires. On the other hand, those who do not claim their expectations find themselves in relationships that do not offer them the object of their expectations and therefore do not satisfy them. The more a person wishes and solicits a better and more satisfying relationship, the more they will increase their chances of getting it.

Stay close to family and friends
Nowadays, the "bubble" marriage tends to become impenetrable, even of which we do not want to escape. In other words, a couple tends to stay confined to their cocoon, whereas marriage should be their priority relationship, but not the only one. Friends, family are also elementary in a couple's life.

Dr. Cootz, a teacher of history and family studies, explains that it simply means that married couples have a lot to gain by fostering relationships with family members and friends. The happiest couples, she says, are those who have interests and support well beyond their relationship.

Do not expect the partner to make you happy
Being happy should be a personal matter and not necessarily depending on what a partner can contribute to contribute even if he is actively involved. The predominant events of life bring a breath of happiness, but absolute happiness depends fundamentally on everyone.

Maintain regular intercourse activity
It is no longer a secret that se-xual activity is beneficial, even fundamental to human well-being. Maintaining regular physical intimacy relations within the couple, would strongly favor the good understanding and the longevity of this one. The more a couple has physical intimacy, the higher their level of satisfaction with the marriage, and hence their longevity.

Avoid monotony while maintaining the excitement of the beginnings
In order to stop any routine that would promote lassitude in the couple, it is important to maintain the excitement and excitement of the beginning by continuing the activities of couples and other outings. Not to mention trying out new experiences for two that would avoid a stagnation and a loss of common interest.

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