The Man On His Deathbed Receives The Last Visit Of His Best Friend

The Man On His Deathbed Receives The Last Visit Of His Best Friend

Nearly half of people own a pet, and especially a dog. And this presence, has real virtues on health both physical and mental without forgetting the kind of mysterious alchemy that exists between a dog and his master. Moreover, dogs are incredibly intelligent and receptive and their relationship with humans as "best friends" has developed over thousands of years of human history.

The dog, the man's best friend?

It is well known that the dog has held a place since the night of time as "best friend of man". A faithful and loyal companion, the presence of a dog at home is beneficial for both children and adults.

In fact, the dog even possesses certain traits common to the human being, like similar social skills and which would multiply his capacity and sensitivity related to empathy.

As we can clearly see the example with this Boxer came to bid farewell to his living master the last moments of his life in his hospital bed. A dog demonstrating in an authentic way his pain of having to leave his "best friend", his fellow traveler.

Moments that leave no doubt as to the empathy capacity of this pet oh so privileged in the daily lives of those who know how to surround themselves. A real winning duo in many ways.

The Man On His Deathbed Receives The Last Visit Of His Best Friend

Benefits of a pet on our health
A pet and especially the dog, by its presence in our daily life, provides a feeling of well-being, endorphins are even then produced in our body, the adrenaline and corticosteroid levels are reduced, the heart rate decreases . Not to mention the expressions of affection and the complicit and meaningful glances that are demonstrations themselves regulated by the human hormone called oxytocin also called hormone of love or even of sociability and spirituality and which would have the deserves to encourage the social link between living beings.

Decreased heart risks
The presence of an animal alongside humans produces a whole bunch of processes in the human body that significantly reduces the risk of high blood pressure, myocardial infarction, but many more cardiovascular illnesses.

Reduced risk of allergies
People who grow up surrounded by dogs or cats are much less likely to develop allergies and asthma, which can help strengthen their immune system from childhood.

Decrease in cholesterol and triglycerides
In her book The Waltham Book of Human-Animal Interactions: Benefits and Responsibilities, a researcher named Erika Friedman indexed a study highlighting the connection between companion animals and human well-being. And in any case, it reveals that pet owners have lower triglyceride levels than those who do not, and that male pet owners have significantly lower cholesterol levels. .

Helps fight against depression
Another study of the impact of pet ownership by people with AIDS found that they were much less prone to depression than those who did not.

Extra-sensory capacity?
Apart from the proven benefits to the health of the human being, no one is unaware that some animals and especially dogs have a 6th Sense. All the most "advanced" animals have a sensory mechanism and for each type of stimulus impacting the environment, the animals have developed highly beneficial sensory organs especially in the context of rescue operations, prediction of natural disasters or even detection of diseases such as cancer.

Without question, the dog, this precious pet is a living being that the human being needs in his life. Faithful, loyal and affectionate, it also appears as a real protective factor.
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