What Happened To The Bogdanoff Brothers - The Most Famous Victims Of Plastic Surgery

Iconic figures of French television, the Bogdanoff brothers have always managed to fascinate viewers with their outstanding personalities, as well as all the scientific knowledge they possess. But their physical appearance, which is far from unnoticed, is causing curiosity among all their fans. How could their faces have changed so drastically? Is plastic surgery responsible for their metamorphosis? Discover the whole truth in this article.

Grichka and Igor Bogdanov are unquestionably the most controversial twins of French television. In addition to the numerous accusations that are made about the veracity of their scientific studies, and the information they convey through their publications, and the television programs they present, the Bogdanov brothers are often the subject of many discussions in the ranks of fans who wish at all costs, know the cause of their physical transformation. Check out the real reason in this article.

Advanced technologies behind the appearance of the Bogdanoff brothers ...
Born in 1949 in Saint-Lary, the Bogdanoff brothers quickly developed a passion for astronomy, and the various phenomena of the universe. They spent their days flipping through books, and deepening their knowledge in the field of cosmology and astronomy. A few years later, the two twins became real stars of French television. They have presented numerous scientific programs, and have to their credit a large number of scientific works, which provoke debate within the ranks of the scientific community.

Since the end of the 90s, people have begun to notice that the physical appearance of the Bogdanoff brothers changed gradually, and in an unusual way. Several hypotheses have thus been pronounced. Some have attributed their metamorphosis to plastic surgery, while others have pointed to acromegaly, a hormonal disease characterized by abnormal growth of the bones of the face, hands, and feet. This disease affects only 60 to 70 cases per million inhabitants. And when the reporters question the twins about the real reasons for their transformation, their ironic and wacky answers only amplify the mystery.

In November 2017, Grichka finally gave a semblance of response during an intervention on the television show "Interview without filter". The latter claimed that he and his brother Igor have never had recourse to plastic surgery, and that their physical transformation has been carried out by other techniques still unknown to the general public, and of which they can not speak openly.

"Because these are advanced technologies that go much further than those that have always been used ... That's right, that's why the mystery has been so long-standing ..." Here is Grichka Bogdanoff's answer to the presenter who was not convinced by his first answer.

Is this an honest answer? Or simply an ingenious way to sow even more doubts in the minds of viewers? Only the two Bogdanoff brothers hold the truth.

Physical transformation: The dangerous scourge of our time
At the time we live in, people are more and more obsessed with their physical appearance. They are ready to spend astronomical sums, and to take disproportionate risks just to have a perfect physique. But as you probably already know, plastic surgery, and other techniques aimed at transforming physical appearance, present many dangers to physical and psychological health. What better than to accept oneself as one is, and to develop an unshakable self-assurance and self-confidence that will enable you to live in peace and harmony with yourself and with others. Here are some tips to follow for a better self-acceptance:

- Do not be fooled by what you see in the media:
You do not have to look like others to be beautiful. Each of us has our own strengths, and unique characteristics that make him what he is. Accept yourself as you are, and showcase your unique and unsurpassed beauty.

What Happened To The Bogdanoff Brothers

- Know that you are more important than a face or a silhouette:
Some people tend to believe that physical appearance is what is most important in an individual. This idea is totally false, because it is your personality, your behavior and your vision of the world that will make you special, and give you that charm that you covet.

- Be happy :
Do you know what makes a person really beautiful? His joie de vivre! A smiling face and sparks of happiness in the eyes are all you need to shine brightly. Forget your worries, throw your regrets and remorse behind you and enjoy life to the fullest!
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