The Dream Job: You Can Get Paid To Eat Cheese

Between routine and monotony, have you ever wondered what you could do best in your life? Something innovative, out of the ordinary? We have the answer ! Become a taster of one of the dairy products. Cheese ! And the role of this dream job to say the least unusual, does not only involve tasting, but to highlight all the flavors in order to satisfy all tastes and all gourmets.

New and unusual professions are beginning to proliferate in numbers, highlighting the notion of innovation or unusual.

The Dream Job: You Can Get Paid To Eat Cheese

Dream job: cheese taster
Here is the example with this British company, Sorted looking for a candidate for a dream job: Cheese Gouter! The candidate will be assigned to join a team as Deputy Director of Cheese with a thorough knowledge of domestic and foreign cheeses and his mission of the highest importance will also include how to balance flavors according to tastes.

The position requires the candidate to be a bit creative in order to contribute to finding new innovative flavors while paying particular attention to the aesthetic details that surround the cheeseboard for a harmonious and almost artistic presentation.

Emma Smith, the current Head of Cheese at Sorted, said that this role does not only involve cheese, but also culture. An important argument when we know how much cheese can be a national pride as is the case of French gastronomy. Moreover, this food is an integral part of the heritage of France.

In France alone, there are no less than 1000 different cheeses from different regions including 45 which benefit from the AOC (Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée) and 38 from Protected Designation of Origin (PDO).

Moreover, the French are among the world's biggest consumers of cheese. It is the most consumed dairy product right in front of yogurt and it represents 6.8% of the food budget of a Frenchman.

So apart from its irresistible flavors that are sought after by global consumers and the dream job that Sorted offers us, including 40 days of vacation a year, plus a day for our birthday, what other weight virtues could the cheese to bring us well and especially for our health?

Benefits of cheese on the human body
The cheese, ideally that made from goat's milk, a dairy product long decried for its fat and calories content is also recognized by its contributions in nutrients and micronutrients such as proteins with essential amino acids, vitamins A and B, calcium as well as minerals.

Let's discover some of its many benefits to our health:

Prevents caries growth
The cheese contains lipids which cover the teeth with a protective film thus protecting them from acid attacks. When properly chewed, it also promotes the production of saliva by neutralizing the acidity caused by the consumption of sugary foods. It also has a category of proteins called caseins that reduce the adhesion of bacteria to the teeth without forgetting its high calcium content that promotes the remineralization of teeth.

Decreases the risk of type 2 diabetes
The cheese-related fermentation process triggers a reaction that protects against diabetes and heart problems. Trans-palmitoleic acid, one of the fatty acids contained in this dairy product, would also help reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Fortify the bones
Cheese made from goat's milk is rich in calcium and has a huge advantage for bone capital. Not only does it allow regeneration of the bones but also contributes to their fortification.

Less caloric than we think
Depending on the type of cheese, the caloric intake may differ and only its consumption must be controlled. The fresh goat cheese, in addition to being easy to digest is very low calorie. Feta cheese is also a goat cheese that is very popular for its flavor but also for its interesting caloric intake.

Without a doubt, cheese has many virtues for the body. A study even suggests that the consumption of dairy products, especially those low in fat and including cheese, is affiliated with a 13% reduction in the risk of a cerebrovascular accident.

So, with all the goodness of cheese, are you ready to apply for this "professional cheese taster" position?
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