This Dog Can Not Stop Crying After Realizing He Has Been Abandoned

This is the all too common story of AJ, a dog abandoned in a kennel by its owners. The SPA (Society for the Protection of Animals) estimates that 100,000 animals are abandoned each year. Unfortunately, these figures do not include wild abandonments outside shelters. Today's testimony comes straight from across the Atlantic.

Every year, many campaigns are launched to fight the abandonment of animals during periods of long holidays. In fact, 60% of animals are abandoned during this time of the year. Remember that the sanctions are heavy since this act is described as cruelty and is punishable by 2 years imprisonment and 30 000$ fine.

Animal abandonment: fake excuses and cruelty
The European Union and France strictly supervise the protection of domestic animals. In France, about half of households have a pet. The causes of abandonment are many, starting with divorce or economic reasons. However, others prefer to abandon their animal at the end of life so as not to have to sting it. Lastly, some owners do not measure the personal investment that an animal requires. They decide to abandon it as they get rid of their flat screen. Behind all these pretexts, it is easy to understand that the animal is considered as an object of consumption. Down to the level of distraction, it lacks affection and is not recognized at its fair value. Fortunately, in this dark picture, other people more responsible distill love to these living beings so endearing.

The case of AJ
This is the story of a dog whose video moved the canvas. She was toured by the Saving Carson Shelter Dogs organization that helps dogs who are victims of abuse or neglect. AJ is seen crying unceasingly after realizing that he had been abandoned by his owners. This dog was about 7 years old when he arrived at the Carson Animal Care Center in California in 2016. Mix of Pitbull and Labrador, AJ is a loving and energetic dog. 

This may be one of the reasons that drove this family to abandon the dog. They failed to bring him all the love and affection he needed. Toby, AJ's brother was also abandoned that day. They were tied by the same rope before being dragged to the shelter. Their condition at the finish was not pleasant and AJ's video shocked the general public. The excitement was such that a family decided to go to the shelter to adopt AJ and his brother only a few weeks after its publication by the organization.

They are now living happily in their new home, removing the grief that had caused them to be abandoned. Let's not forget that animals also have feelings. They may be anxious when abandoned and affected by immense sadness. Hunter, another shelter dog, required a volunteer worker to sit on the ground beside him to comfort him.

The reality of figures
The pet market is estimated at nearly 68 million animals (fish, cats, dogs, birds and small mammals). During the holidays, 35% of owners in a Petsafe survey take their pet to their vacation spot. Despite the many solutions offered to homeowners such as new pet hotels, dropouts have increased in recent years. Successive campaigns of awareness are not enough to contain this number, especially for cats where shelters have a 20% increase in admissions.

In these difficult times for our four-legged friends, the SPA reminds us that it is better to adopt than to buy an animal.
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