Could You Solve This Mathematical Equation? More Than 3 Million Facebook Users Have Not Arrived

Mathematics is a vast field full of surprises as fascinating as each other. And even when you believe that you have acquired all the necessary knowledge to solve your puzzles, you always end up realizing that you still have some way to go ... The proof? This mathematical equation has shaken the brains of thousands of Internet users around the world. Could you find his solution?

Between false information, piles of selfies, and unnecessary discussions, social networks have become less and less interesting for people seeking knowledge and knowledge. But some Internet users sometimes have very brilliant ideas. Take the example of this Facebook user who managed to spark debate in the ranks of Facebookiens through a complex mathematical equation he posted on his account. Discover it in this article.

A mysterious equation ...
A few months ago, Randall Jones, a US surfer had the idea to publish an equation, which is at least that we can say very enigmatic. This 4-line equation seems quite ordinary at first glance, but it's when you try to solve it that you'll realize that it's not as simple as it appears ... Now, read on carefully the equation, and try to find the solution.

Some think that the correct answer is 40, while others say that the solution is 96. Two different answers, but logical ...

* The correct answer is 40:

People who got 40 as a result simply added the total of one line to the line that follows it:

- 1 + 4 = 5

- 5 + 2 + 5 = 12

-12 + 3 + 6 = 21

-21 + 8 + 11 = 40

* The correct answer is 96:

The people who got this answer followed a reasoning quite different from the first ones. Indeed, they noticed that each total corresponds to the first number added to the second number and multiplied by the first number. They used the following formula: X = a + (a * b).

-1+ (1 * 4) = 5

-2+ (2 * 5) = 12

-3+ (3 * 6) = 21

-8+ (8 * 11) = 96

And you ? What answer did you find?

How to improve your math skills?

Mathematics can be very useful, and greatly facilitate your daily life, while improving your mental performance. Here are some tips to follow to boost your math skills.

- Understand instead of memorizing:
The first thing you should do to improve your math level is to start understanding the exercises instead of memorizing them. This will allow you to develop logical reasoning, and to be able to find solutions to different types of mathematical problems.

- Practice:
We will never repeat it enough! Practice is the key to success. When you have free time in front of you, take some math exercises, and try to solve them. In addition to developing your mental abilities, they will help you relax and release stress.

- Look for tips:
At the time we live in, we are fortunate to have a lot of information and knowledge at our fingertips. So never hesitate to do research on the Internet, and in books to discover new tricks to better solve your mathematical problems.

- Never despair:
One of the biggest mistakes people make when they want to learn math is to drop the exercises when they can not find solutions quickly. Know that these are your mistakes, and your false answers that will help you better understand the other exercises, and improve your math skills. So next time, when you feel hopeless, take a break, breathe, relax, and resume your exercises.

- Choose a quiet place to work:
It is well known, mathematics requires concentration, and you can not be completely focused in a place where there is too much noise, or distractions. So try to choose a quiet place in which you feel comfortable before starting your exercises. This will allow you to be more productive, and focused.

- Improve your concentration:
Concentration is one of the best assets to excel in mathematics, and in all other disciplines. In order to improve it, you must take care of your health, and this obviously goes through a healthy and balanced diet, regular physical activity, and a good quality of sleep.
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