A Little Girl Got Stuck In The Washing Machine And No One Heard Her Cries

Being a parent is a term that covers many responsibilities that we should not take lightly. It is a role that requires a lot of effort, sacrifice and time ... even if sometimes we feel so overwhelmed. And despite constantly monitoring our children, they end up in unexpected situations of danger or distress. Here is the detailed story of a mother who realized the inventiveness of her children in the most horrible way possible.

A Little Girl Got Stuck In The Washing Machine And No One Heard Her Cries

Vigilance is the key word

As soon as he arrives at the world, the child finds himself in a world full of risks for his health. Indeed, the world in which it will evolve is entirely made for adults and by adults. Moreover, since he has no notion of danger and because he has to learn to grow, the child touches everything and experiences everything that falls into his hand. He is curious and that's good because it is only in this way that he does his apprenticeship. Only, he is often faced with risks that parents must be careful about as they can cause trauma or serious accidents. Parents are therefore invited to have their eyes everywhere and to secure all the places to which the child can access. The story of this family is the perfect testimony of the need for vigilance for the safety of children.

Lindsey McIver lives quietly with her husband and three grandchildren in Conifer, Colorado. It all started on a Sunday, when his washing machine broke down. The next day, her husband bought a newer front-loading model. "We found this new washing machine too cool, different from what we often see in American homes. So we spent the evening of Monday to install it and warned the children not to touch it. They seemed to have understood the message, "says Lindsey. Once the machine is installed and connected, she decides to use it the next day to do the laundry. The whole family went to bed.

"Tuesday morning, very early, we were awakened by the crying of our four-year-old son. He was crying so hard that he could barely speak. While I was trying to understand what he was saying, my husband jumped out of bed and ran towards the stairs. That's where I heard my little boy say: Kloe. Inside. Washing machine. "

Lindsey felt a panic arise in her. She ran to join her husband in the basement, where the laundry room was. "By the time we got back into the laundry room, Kloe, my three-year-old daughter, was inside the washing machine that was running and was filling up with water. My little girl was screaming, but I could not hear her. We quickly rushed to stop the machine and open the door porthole. Aside from a few small bumps on his head, and his wet clothes, Kloe was fine. "

Lindsey and her husband were in a state of shock. After reviewing the machine settings for the first time, they found a lockout feature that, as long as it remains on, does not allow the machine to start, but that, however, does not block the door. "We put a child safety lock on the porthole," says Lindsey.

A Little Girl Got Stuck In The Washing Machine And No One Heard Her Cries

She reluctantly recounted her experience to the rest of the world, despite her fears of receiving messages of criticism and humiliation from people (especially mothers). She did not know how much this type of washing machine could be a threat to the safety of her children, and she hoped through her warning to spare other parents the grief and panic she had suffered.

"I'm posting this because I can honestly say that we have not thought about the danger this machine presents. We are constantly surprised by the bad ideas that our children can have for fun. "

Accidents happen to everyone, especially children when we lose them. Lindsey chose to share her story with other moms to warn them, so they learn from her mistake. That's what we should all do as parents, because it's a way of helping each other keep our little ones safe.
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