This Mother Sues The Hospital Because The Nurse Tried To Prevent The Baby From Being Born And Gets 16 Million

This mother sues the hospital

When a parent waits for the birth of his child, he looks forward to the arrival of this decisive day. Such a feeling does not stop only with those who expect to have their first baby, but also with parents who want to expand their family and strengthen it. In other words, the arrival of a newborn is always perceived as the receipt of a gift from heaven.

A childbirth that looked ordinary

Caroline Malatesta is a young woman from Alabama who gave birth to her fourth child. So she chose to give birth at the Brookwood Baptist Medical Center because it was known for its warm welcome and for the options it offered to women wishing to give birth to their baby in a natural way.

On the official website of the hospital in question, there was a lot of arguments about the importance and benefits of a natural birth. Thus, Malatesta had every reason to believe that she did not need to be supervised during work. The doctor even reassured her by confirming all this information, but she did not know that her disappointment was going to be great.

The young woman spoke about it saying, "My first three deliveries were medicated, after my third child, a hospital set up a new center for women, and the center's commercials promoted natural childbirth. and claimed to adhere to this concept.

This made me very confident, so I told myself that a natural birth could be better. "

On the day of delivery, Malatesta arrived at the medical center and was obviously in full labor. But to her disappointment, she was told by the nurse that her job required monitoring and that she had to lie down and wait.

Nothing was like the mother expected
Everything seemed against all the plans she had put in place with her doctor. When Malatesta informed the nurse, the nurse replied that she had received instructions that she should stay in bed and that her doctor was not on call.

"I kept asking," Why? The nurse did not answer me, did not know me and seemed more and more irritated when I told her it was more painful for me. It was no longer a matter of health or safety, but rather a question of who would have the last word. "

This mother sues the hospital

Moments later, Malatesta suddenly felt a big contraction and immediately put herself on her hands and knees to make the nurses understand that she could not lie on her back. She had just lost the waters and the baby's head started to appear.

Then the mother was forced back onto her back and this is where another nurse held the baby's head in her vagina to prevent her from being born. The mother struggled and tried to return to her original position but without success.

A few minutes later, the nurse stopped giving birth and the baby was now there. Caroline explains: "Six minutes later, the doctor has finally arrived. This is where the nurse let go of the baby's head and I was relieved. I had been injured, however, because of keeping the baby in the vagina. But despite all that, the baby could be born. "

Despite the birth of the baby the fight was still not finished
Several months after giving birth, the mother of four still had a legacy of this dramatic birth. Because since this unfortunate incident, Caroline suffers from a chronic nervous affection called "pudendal neuralgia". This is due to the fact that the nurses did in the delivery room, hence the disruption that occurred around the pelvic area.

This mother sues the hospital

Finally, Malatesta decided to file a complaint against the hospital, which she did in 2014. And fortunately, the couple was successful on August 5, 2016 and received $ 10 million in damages for Injuries inflicted on her during the birth, the husband received $ 1 million in compensation, not to mention the $ 5 million compensation for careless fraud.

This mother sues the hospital

What is pudendal neuralgia?
It is a condition that affects a nerve located in the deep part of the pelvis. Pudendal neuralgia, due to the inflammation of the connective tissues surrounding the pudendal nerve, manifests itself in pain that can become unbearable. Often confused with a gynecological condition, it is sometimes difficult to make a good diagnosis. But once this is done, the doctor begins by administering drugs to relieve the pain then he can advise infiltrations or surgery.

Despite the compensation that this family has received, this story remains unfortunate and reflects the negligence and dishonesty of some health professionals who do not seem to realize that they have human lives in their hands.
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