This Man Only Slept 5 Hours A Day To Do An Experiment

Most scientists and health professionals agree that an adult human needs an average of 7.5 to 9 hours of sleep per night, to allow the body but also the brain to recover and to ensure good health. . But for some, these recommendations are too excessive.

This Man Only Slept Five Hours A Day To Do An Experiment

A technique to sleep less, that of multiphase sleep

With busy or time-consuming schedules, some people are content with less than that.

Many techniques exist to sleep less, but that of multiphasic sleep promises extraordinary results, like that of being able to be content with only two hours of sleep a day!

Polyphasic sleep is based on the theory that it would be possible to take advantage of the fact that our sleep is organized into phases. It would then be necessary to keep only the most important: that of the paradoxical sleep, which would last in total only 1 to 2 hours per night. The rest of the sleep would be only "useless" phases and would be "lost".

To develop this method, scientists have looked for ways to force the brain to go directly into the paradoxical sleep phase. To do this, they made the brain "exhausted", and made him understand that he would only benefit from a short sleep, a time they set at 20 minutes. By taking six naps of 20 minutes in a day, you reach the total of two hours of sleep, but it must be the right one.

The crazy experience of Ryan Bergara
In search of a challenge, the reckless Ryan Bergara decided to try the method of multiphase sleep and limit himself to a total of 5 hours of sleep a day.

After consulting Jackson Nexhip, a specialist in multiphase sleep, or "sleep" in blocks, Ryan has embarked on one of his variants. For a week, he slept every night for 4.5 hours, and added two 20-minute naps each day, a little over 5 hours of total sleep a day.

What do you think it happened?
Jackson Nexhip had warned Ryan that it was somewhat risky to embark on such an overnight and unprepared experience, not to mention the fact that Ryan was a heavy sleeper.

Ryan reports, "The first and second days were particularly painful for me. On the second day, it was difficult for me to find energy to work or to do everyday tasks. "

On the fourth day, he said, "I am really OK right now, I am unable to do anything. "

And after 5 days of such a program, he said he felt "more and more weird," feeling dizzy and having trouble concentrating.

After only a week, he gave up the experience.

For Dr. Alon Avidan, UCLA University professor and sleep expert, only very few people are able to have multiphase sleep. For others, depriving oneself of sleep for an extended period of time would not be a good idea. Because below a certain period of sleep, we expose ourselves to many evils.

Symptoms of lack of sleep
Here are some of the effects that a lack of chronic sleep can have on you and that Ryan felt during his experience:

- Feeling tired, especially during moments of inactivity

- Lower productivity and difficulty concentrating

- Greater vulnerability to sugar cravings in particular

- Anxiety, exacerbated emotions

Imperatives for a quality sleep
It is undeniable that sleeping less saves valuable time that can be used for all kinds of interesting and productive activities, but it may negatively impact your overall health. Moreover, to throw oneself first in such experiences could be as unreasonable as it is insidious.

If you want to temporarily reduce your sleep, we recommend natural and healthy methods that will not turn you into a zombie!

The first thing to know about sleep is that its quality has an influence on its quantity. Thus, when one has a good quality sleep, the sleep time that we need is reduced.

To improve the quality of your sleep, here's what you could do right now:

- Exercise but not after 20 hours
- Have a healthy diet
- Abandon consumption of certain substances such as alcohol, caffeine or nicotine
- Have a sleep routine by sleeping at the same time and sleeping quietly, in the dark and in a well-ventilated room at a temperature of about 18 °
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