This is why God brings some people into our lives and then let them go

Why is God taking away from me the people I love? This question, everyone probably has already asked at one time or another. Sometimes it happens that people, who we did not imagine could one day be separated, go away. Whether it comes after a fight, an injury, or nothing special happened, sometimes our paths separate.

Sometimes we meet people where we instantly feel in tune with a person. Where all the ingredients seem to be there to provide us with a healthy, rewarding and sustainable relationship. It seems that the reason God places these people on our path is that they are exactly what we need at this point in our lives.

This is why God brings some people into our lives and then let them go

These people are here to teach us a lesson in life
One of the reasons we are attracted to some people more than others and that our heart leans towards each other is that we are dedicated to getting closer to them and to rubbing shoulders with them. They are for us a source of lessons and lessons of life that we certainly would not have experienced alone. They are there to allow us to learn important things about life and ourselves.

Sometimes they are people who bring us the answers to the questions we ask ourselves, who enlighten us and who give us the help we need. They are there to allow us to give the best of ourselves, to help us move forward.

Then, they go away
Take the time to review all your past relationships. You will certainly notice that the people who have played the most important roles in building your personality and who have most enabled you to progress on your life path, have formed your most brief relationships. They go away once they have given you all the extraordinary things they had to share with you, only once you have assimilated and integrated them.

Let go
God sends us exactly the people we need, when we need them. These people are there to fulfill a specific mission with us. Whatever we do to try to keep them close to us forever, once their mission is complete, they leave.

You have to know how to accept that. Think about it: if these people had stayed in your life, what would have happened? Agree that if these relations were eternal, they would have lost their beauty and their brilliance. Those people whom we have cherished so much would have turned into a burden little by little.

Trust God's purposes. Trust that it is beneficial for this story to end now rather than at another time. You will surely agree in a while that things are better like that, as God has written them.

The people we meet are there to make us better people, to teach us important things and to help us in difficult times. Let us receive these wonderful gifts of God by being grateful and accepting that beautiful stories may come to an end.

It is also possible that these departures take place precisely to teach you to let go and accept destiny.

Anyway, when you meet the person who is supposed to stay with you forever, you will know it. You will recognize it for miles and you will finally understand the difference between a person who touches your hand, and a person who touches your soul.
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