This Girl Of 21 Gives Birth To Twins In The Bathroom When She Did Not Know She Was Pregnant

This Girl Of 21 Gives Birth To Twins In The Bathroom When She Did Not Know She Was Pregnant

Being pregnant and not knowing it, is it possible? Indeed, and although these cases are rare, they really exist. In fact, the 21-year-old gave birth to twins when she had no idea she was pregnant. Scientists call this cryptic pregnancy. Let's discover the story!

What is a cryptic pregnancy?
A cryptic pregnancy is a pregnancy in which the level of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin hormone produced during pregnancy) is too low to be detectable in the mother's body, due to a hormonal imbalance in it.

In the case of a cryptic pregnancy, the fetus may go unnoticed by the mother and the doctors until delivery, but many of these women are very aware that they are pregnant. Women who know they are pregnant, can not get medical confirmation of pregnancy because of negative hCG tests, including home pregnancy tests and hCG blood tests.

The characteristics of a cryptic pregnancy are: a negative test of urinary and blood pregnancy, typical symptoms of pregnancy such as morning sickness and fatigue and negative ultrasound. These symptoms can easily be confused with those of another condition. Cryptic pregnancies may also not generate this kind of symptoms.

The case that we will present in this article, illustrates this phenomenon of cryptic pregnancy that can remain unsuspected until childbirth.

This girl of 21 gives birth to twins in the toilet

Unexpected pregnancy

Beth Bamford, 21, from Staffordshire, England, had never had a clue about her pregnancy. She and her boyfriend Andy Morris already had two children: Elsa, age 3, and Alivia, age 2. During her third, unnoticed pregnancy, the young mother consulted a doctor because she was not feeling well, but the doctor had diagnosed a viral infection.

Beth had her period as usual, and as for weight gain, she thought it was normal. One night, when Beth was lying in bed, her stomach began to hurt. She went to get a glass of water, while her boyfriend was still sleeping. The pain worsened and Beth went to the toilet. At that time, Beth suddenly gave birth to twins.

"I was still sitting on the toilet when I gave birth. I did not really have time to feel anything because it happened very quickly. It's a big shock but a nice surprise. I did not know at all that I was pregnant. Beth said.

After the first baby, Willow, who is a girl, was born, Beth called the emergency department to ask what to do next. She was advised to keep pushing the placenta, but she saw another baby coming out.

The second baby was not breathing. Beth panicked but following the doctors' recommendations on the phone, she shook the baby a bit. And it was effective, thankfully, the baby came back to life and started to breathe. Despite Beth's cries, Andy did not wake up, and Beth could not leave the bathroom.

This girl of 21 gives birth to twins in the toilet

Finally, his partner woke up. But he did not believe that Beth had any idea of her pregnancy. Andy called an ambulance. When help arrived, Beth explained that she did not know she was pregnant or had twins, but no one believed her, even her partner thought she had hidden her pregnancy.

Beth was taken to the hospital. The doctors have established that she was in the 37th week. If she had given birth under medical supervision, she would have had a caesarean section. She stayed in the hospital for a week until the babies were fit to go home.

After leaving the hospital, Beth said she feels lucky because her case could have been much worse. Fortunately, her twins are in good health.

This girl of 21 gives birth to twins in the toilet

In fact, Beth's case is not unique. According to studies, an undetected pregnancy occurs in 1 in 2,500 cases where women experience no noticeable symptoms or fetal movement. In some cases, there are complications due to self-delivery that can lead to death of the baby.

So, if you ever have signs that show you can be pregnant, do not hesitate to visit your doctor. Share this article with your friends to inform them about cryptic pregnancy!
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