This German Woman Has Spent Thousands Of Euros To Become Black And Calls Herself "African"

Nowadays, we are seeing more and more people obsessed with their physical appearance. They are willing to spend astronomical sums to achieve "Physical Perfection". Unfortunately, the means used by these people can have very serious consequences on their physical and mental health. Read the story of this German woman who spent thousands of euros in tanning products, and surgical operations to become black, and look like African women.

Who among us has never thought of going under the bistoury of cosmetic surgeons to get a perfect physique? Nobody would say to me. But often, for fear of being judged, or for lack of means, we do not dare to break the threshold of cosmetic surgery, and we end up accepting ourselves as we are, and to love these "imperfections" that distinguish us others. But this German woman has crossed this course. Discover how she was able to turn into a black woman with tanning shots and cosmetic surgery.

Martina Alias Malaika Kubwa, a white woman turned black:
Martina is a German woman who worked as an airline stewardess. She had everything to be happy: a spouse who loved her, and a job that gave her the opportunity to make many trips around the world. But she always felt that something was missing ...

In fact, Martina had always dreamed of resembling African women, she wanted to become black, and to have a generous breast. The young woman decided to become a model, and to invest the money she earned in tanning injections and surgical operations.

Today, after having undergone more than 24 surgical operations, and several bronzing injections, Martina is practically unrecognizable by the people who knew her before her transformation. She now has a dark complexion and a huge chest, and says she is very happy with her new appearance. Next step ? Extend your nose to have a more African face.

In addition, Martina pays very little attention to the insulting comments she receives from some Internet users. She continues to publish photos of her daily, and to say that she feels perfectly well in her new body. And you ? Would you be able to perform such a physical transformation?

Martina thinks that as long as she feels good about herself, no one should blame her for anything. Yes, we agree with her. However, breast augmentation and extreme tanning can have very harmful effects on the body ... It is for this reason that it is necessary to think a thousand times before performing physical transformations of this type.

This German Woman Has Spent Thousands Of Euros To Become Black And Calls Herself "African"

Artificial tanning: What are the dangers to health?
Although many people may be tempted by a darker, or tanned complexion, bronzing and tanning in the cabin can have very negative health effects. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the dangers of artificial tanning:

- Redness and inflammation of the skin.
- Eye disorders when the eyes are not protected during tanning.
- Premature aging of the skin, and appearance of wrinkles and brown spots.
- Appearance of different types of skin cancer.
- Altered immune defenses.
- Cardiovascular dysfunctions.
- Nausea and digestive problems (In the case where bronzing substances are injected).
- And finally, risk of psychological addiction to UV sessions.

Health + Tanning Tip: In order to get a slightly tanned complexion without putting your health at risk, bet on foods rich in beta-carotenes such as carrots, apricots or spinach. These will give you a beautiful complexion while protecting your body against the effects of free radicals.

What are the risks of breast implants?
According to specialists, breast augmentation with large implants can cause a variety of health problems. Here is a list of side effects related to breast augmentation:

- Risks of infections, and inflammations.
- Pain in the back and chest, caused by the high weight of the implants.
- Alteration of the quality of the skin at the level of the breasts.
- Difficulty, even impossibility of breastfeeding.
- Risk of rupture of breast prostheses.
- Loss of sensations in the breasts.
- Appearance of stretch marks when the prostheses are too big.

The Health + tip for a more generous breast: Yam essential oil is your best friend if you want a brighter belly. Simply dilute in a vegetable oil of your choice (avocado oil, coconut oil, or sweet almond oil), and massage your breasts in circular movements for about ten minutes.
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