This American School Begin Paddling As Punishment

Corporal punishment of children is currently banned in several states. Some 20 European countries and several American states have legislated against this form of punishment, in order to protect the child against all violence, including slap and spanking.

In France, a debate on the right of the child is still in progress; a blog of the newspaper Le Monde, shares this fact by insisting on the need for the commitment of parliamentarians in the introduction of this bill.

Practice of corporal punishment in Texas

Moreover, at a time when educational violence is now singled out, even banned, in several American states, we are witnessing the continuity of its practice in some schools in Texas by teachers. They call for the reinstatement of corporal punishment in schools.

Thus, a student is punished every 30 seconds in a US public school through a paddle. This technique is still popular in the southern states, which includes slapping, spanking and any form of physical force to inculcate fear to students who do not obey and who do not respect the rules of the school.

Corporal punishment and controversy
The most unusual part of this debate is that some parents still believe that this practice is essential in the education of the child. Thus, he will be more assiduous and more disciplined during his schooling but also at home while a controversy is struggling to abolish this act of violence that could cause a real physical and psychological trauma to the child, which can affect his life adult.

Why should corporal punishment be prohibited?

According to the child psychiatrist Gilles-Marie Valet, author of the book The 50 golden rules to be obeyed without getting upset, spanking denotes a lack of educational tools. A child needs to be explained to understand, not to be hit. This method contradicts the inculcated principles, according to which to strike, it is bad, if he himself is subjected to this kind of violence by his own parents. It is the same for the slap on the face which is all the more shocking. This educational method will never bring the expected fruit as the child will become more fearful but especially more evasive and focused on the lie. Not to mention that a slap asks another so much that the punishment can become more consequent.

What are the best educational alternatives?
A child in development stage, is not mature enough to understand for himself the seriousness of the stupidity committed, if it is not explained to him. So, instead of hitting him, you have to talk to him and clarify the stakes of his act by explaining to him the how of the why. After that, some form of punishment can be instituted, such as the deprivation of a toy or treat; but in no way should a child be humiliated and oppressed but rather framed in order to grow serenely while being fulfilled.

At the same time, according to Isabelle Filiozat, therapist and author of books on positive parenting, educational violence has repercussions on the child's brain and psyche. As a result, she first recommends that parents learn to calm down and try to avoid fatigue and stress if possible, which in itself is not very easy in practice. It is essential afterwards, to establish a dialogue and reconnect with your child by hugs first and then by a reminder of the rules and finally find solutions in concomitance with their toddlers, because again, the l The ideal is not to punish but to teach and teach the child the fundamentals of life.
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