This 23-year-old Restaurant Owner Is An Example Of Generosity, She Gives All Her Unsold To The Poor

Generosity as well as altruism are rare virtues these days. Every human being has a potential for goodness and malice, but the penchant for charity and empathy exists in all of us; it is enough to reveal the goodness of his soul.

Some restaurants are reluctant to give the rest of their food to the needy. Yet each year, French restaurants throw nearly a million tons of food left over. This is not the case of a 23-year-old Canadian restaurant owner who decided to offer all her unsold to the needy.

This 23-year-old Restaurant Owner Is An Example Of Generosity, She Gives All Her Unsold To The Poor

An example of generosity to follow
There are heart-warming stories, stories that we would like to tell because they provide examples to follow. Among these stories, that of Jade Richer. This young restaurant owner who gives her unsold products to people in need.

In Canada, Jade has opened Mouth B Traiteur which it owns. In the first months, she brought home her unsold goods. It made her feel so sick that she decided to share it with the poor.

Tired of wasting food, this young restaurant owner decided to distribute her unsold products to the poor. She fills herself with baskets for the people of her area. The most touching thing about this story is that she brought food herself to people who found it difficult to get around.

To achieve this act of generosity, the young Canadian posted a message on social networks and collected hundreds of messages. In order to meet the needs of a large number of applicants, the young woman wrote a list of about forty people whom she called in turn.

The benefits of generosity on our well-being
Generosity can improve mood, enhance vitality and overall health. In a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), researchers at the University of British Columbia (UBC), have shown that generosity protects the heart of cardiovascular disease.

But, other benefits are attributed to generosity:

- Helping others causes an increase in serotonin levels, a decrease in anxiety and anxiety, and therefore a decrease in blood pressure. In 2006, a study in the Journal "International Journal of Psychophysiology" found that people who helped other individuals in their community had lower blood pressure than those who did not participate.

- Helping others causes stress reduction. A study in the Journal "Journal of HealthPsychology" has shown that levels of cortisol, the hormone that increases feelings of stress, are higher in individuals who do not show charity. According to the researchers, an act of generosity, such as giving money, can help reduce stress and heart rate.

- Helping someone in need boosts vitality. Doing tasks for someone in need can reinvigorate and increase longevity. This was shown in 2013, a study published in the Journal "American Journal of Public Health". So, do not hesitate to help a family member or friend who needs help with work in their garden or kitchen.

- Give, can improve the mood. Giving clothes to bargains or money at your food bank can improve mood by increasing serotonin levels. This is the conclusion of a study done in 2007 in "Science". Nineteen women have been subjected to brain imaging technology, to observe the reactions of their brain when they have to choose between keeping the money that had been given to them or giving it to a local food bank. The final result showed that the same brain areas reacted with one or the other decision.

Also, we have every reason to be generous, empathic and kind. So do not hesitate to give, whatever the way we do, we will make happy around us and we will all be winners, in fine.
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