The Tallest Man And The Smallest Woman In The World Joined For An Extraordinary Photo Shoot

tallest man and the smallest woman in the world

There are a lot of people who have complexes either because of their size, their weight or anything else they see as a defect. But with a little hindsight, we immediately realize that some complexes are unjustified and that there are other people who have physical characteristics that can be really disabling in everyday life, this man and this woman are the perfect example.

The incredible meeting of two world records

She is the world's smallest woman, just over 60 cm tall and recently met the tallest man of all, Sultan Kosen, 35, from Turkey. At the height of 2m51, Kosen is a real skyscraper compared to Jyoti Amge, knowing that it is almost the same size as one of the giant's shoes.

tallest man and the smallest woman in the world

The two recently met for a photo shoot in Egypt and the result is just amazing! The basic idea was that of the Egyptian tourism promotion committee and we can say that it worked very well considering all the attention that the two stars have captured.

tallest man and the smallest woman in the world

What lies behind their extraordinary appearances

The size of Amge is the result of a form of dwarfism called achondroplasia. It is actually a genetic disorder affecting the growth of bone tissue, causing tiny size and disproportionately small limbs. She was named the smallest woman in the world in 2001 when she was only 18 years old and weighed only 5 kg!

The little woman always needs to have clothes, plates and utensils made to measure so that they are adapted to the tiny size of her body. For his part, Kosen also needs many accessories or objects that he uses on a daily basis to be made to measure, but in the opposite direction.

tallest man and the smallest woman in the world

In the case of our Turkish giant, its size is the consequence of a pituitary gigantism. This occurs when the pituitary gland secretes too much growth hormone, causing excessive growth and body size. It was after this that Sultan Kosen was declared the greatest man in the world in 2001 by the famous Guinness Book of Records.

tallest man and the smallest woman in the world

He was the first person to be measured to be included in the record book in more than 20 years, knowing that at the time he also received the record for the largest hands with the greatest distance between the wrist and the tip of his middle finger which was 28 centimeters!

tallest man and the smallest woman in the world

A life not quite like the others
"I never thought I could get into the record books, I dreamed about it, but it was a huge surprise. Kosen said. But in reality, he probably should not have been surprised, because according to Guinness, only ten people in the world have already been declared to have reached a height greater than 2m43.

It should be noted that he had already participated in the annual "Guinness World Records Day" celebrations in London, during which he met the world's smallest man, Bahadur Dangi from Nepal. The latter is 74 years old but only measures 54 centimeters and weighs only 14 kg.

Old Dangi was a weaver and also helped tend livestock to his mountain village called "Reemkholi".

"Being able to finally meet Chandra after all this time is amazing. Although he is small and I am tall, we have fought similar battles throughout our lives and when I look at him in the eye, I see that he is a good man. "

This should remind us all that nothing justifies the fact that we complain about our size or that we see it as a fatality. The courage and selflessness of such people should inspire us to constantly see the bright side.

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