The Pregnant Sisters Pose In Beautiful Dresses, Then Recreate Photo A Year Later With The "Twin Cousins"

Pregnant sisters pose in beautiful dresses

To welcome a newborn baby with your family is without a doubt incomparable, because the baby arrives from the very first day by putting his eyes on a large, loving, welded and welcoming family. But there are families with birth experiences that are unlike any other, this was the case for these two sisters who had almost simultaneous pregnancies and deliveries.

Pregnant sisters pose in beautiful dresses

Have you ever heard of "twin cousins"?
Ryatt Raegan and Indie Mae may not have grown up in the same uterus, but according to all the witnesses, they are as close to each other as any brother or sister. These adorable little princesses will soon be two years old. Corey Struve Talbott and her husband Travis had Ryatt on August 10, 2016. That same day, Katie Struve Morgan, Corey's sister, gave birth to her own daughter, Indie.

But the story of Katie and Corey's "twin pregnancies" actually began several months earlier and soon became viral after the publication of their maternity photo on social media by photographer Brenden Boggs.

Pregnant sisters pose in beautiful dresses

Synchronization that goes beyond mere coincidence
The two sisters had actually become pregnant at the same time in 2016. And it's a dream come true for Corey and Katie since any pregnant woman has always wanted to have a "pregnancy friend" to share the good times as well as the most difficult with her.

And to top it off, they both had a daughter each and were only two weeks apart. But before the famous date, they asked the help of Brenden Boggs to make a unique photo shoot. They then posed for the photos, exposing their two bellies well rounded and sporting pretty wreaths of flowers.

Pregnant sisters pose in beautiful dresses

Unexpectedly, Corey gave birth earlier than planned so that the two baby cousins were born the same day, namely August 10, 2016. They did not give birth until 20 minutes apart is the same doctor who did both deliveries!

And to celebrate the "twin cousins" and the special bond they share, the two sisters decided to redo a beautiful photo shoot, but this time on the occasion of the first birthday of their daughters.

Pregnant sisters pose in beautiful dresses

Photos that tell an extraordinary story

Brenden, the photographer, suddenly shared the maternity and birthday photos with "Love What Matters" while explaining the story behind all these photo shoots. He says, "I took Corey and Katie's maternity photos last year thinking that these two sisters had the opportunity to live together a special moment ..."

"... And even if their delivery dates were basically a few weeks apart, they ended up giving birth on the same day and only 20 minutes apart! Of course it's about twin cousins! "

Pregnant sisters pose in beautiful dresses

"A year passed and it was time for the first birthday photo shoot for each of the two girls and I thought it would be great to recreate a session similar to the maternity session. Corey and Katie liked the idea! It was so much fun to see how life can evolve in a year. Now they have two beautiful little girls full of life. "

Corey said in an interview with "LittleThings": "We redid the wreaths and rehabilitated the dresses. We prepared the babies and it was just magic. It was certainly a moving day, we are so close to each other and raise our babies like twins. They do everything together and share a strong bond. "

The "twin cousins" are now very much followed on Instagram where their moms regularly share pictures of them. The sisters even released a behind-the-scenes video of the filming on Youtube where Travis, Corey's husband helped to keep the attention of the babies.

Finally, it is not at all strange that these photos arouse such enthusiasm on the web. Corey and Katie have had the opportunity to experience something unique and had the great idea to share it with people to show how much life can be a great surprise.
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