She Kisses Her Boyfriend For The Last Time Before His Life Support Is Turned Off

The human being is never really spared by the tragedies of life. The loss of a loved one under any circumstances can be devastating and heartbreaking. A pain that no one can resist.

It's a real tragedy that St├ęphanie Ray 15 years old will have experienced, by losing her boyfriend Blake Ward 16 years after an accident occurred at sea. After the accompaniment of a loved one to another world, how does it manage? the pain in these moments?

We imagine and believe above all, that at the age of 16, our life is in front of us. But in some cases it may be otherwise. Blake Ward, a young teenager died after being swept away by a wave off the Irish Sea. His girlfriend, St├ęphanie Ray, will have accompanied him to his last moments of life provoking the general emotion on the web and social media.

The young teenager, aged 16, was swept away by a wave as he swam off the Irish Sea. He was accompanied by two friends of his own who could be saved by the important means of relief put in place. Unfortunately, Blake did not have the same luck and was only found much later. Transported urgently to the hospital, the young teenager was placed on an artificial respirator by the medical team hopeless to see him recover after serious brain damage. His chances of survival were therefore minimal.

Stephanie had to say goodbye to her boyfriend Blake before he was unplugged by the doctors. She posted a last picture to two on her Facebook account. Lying on the bed next to Blake, Stephanie embraces him one last time before saying goodbye to him forever.

How to accompany a loved one in his last moments of life?
Whether as part of an illness or even a tragic accident like that of Blake, accompanying a person in his last moments of life is a difficult and troubling experience, especially when this person is dear to us and close. A human being can never quite know how to act in front of the suffering of the other; whether physical or even psychological, especially when we are experiencing our own pain in the face of a fast approaching death. Accompanying a loved one who is about to die can bring us back to the fundamental aspect of our lives and gives us the opportunity to live these last moments in a certain tranquility. And for the most part, these last moments of shared love come a little bit to heal the wounds of the soul and the heart.

How does one live with the loss of a loved one?
The human being according to his experience of life and the way in which he has built and forged his personality, lives and manages mourning in different ways. When some indulge in denial and mourn, others find the courage to take a step towards resilience. 

Giving oneself time to mourn, crying to release sadness and emotions, surrounding oneself with one's family and friends, or even starting therapy to understand the workings of grief, are all beneficial ways to cope with grief. death of a loved one. To get out of mourning and to learn to live again is not easy, but as Paulo Coelho said: "Our life is a constant journey, from birth to death. The landscape is changing, people are changing, needs are changing, but the train continues. Life is the train, it's not the train station. "
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