Must Watch : A Woman Attacks A Man With Her Breasts After He Has Harassed Her

A Woman Attacks A Man With Her Breasts After He Has Harassed Her

Street harassment is a heavy burden that many women carry without daring to break their silence. Yet its psychological and social repercussions can have a very negative impact on the lives of those who are victims. And it is for this reason that some women are ready to do anything to defend themselves against their stalkers. Take the example of this young woman who attacked with breasts the man who assaulted her.

Despite all the sanctions that have been instituted against the stalkers, and despite all the efforts of women's rights activists to combat this scourge, sexual harassment, and more particularly street harassment, continues to exist, and to real ordeal for thousands of women around the world. Unfortunately, for fear of being judged or discredited, many victims of harassment choose to remain passive and not to defend themselves against their stalkers. But the story of this young woman who attacked her stalker with her breasts will surprise you at the highest point!

Breasts: incredible weapon against aggressors ...
A few months ago, the viral video of a young woman attacking a man with her breasts managed to go around the web within a few hours. The video shows a 20-year-old Brazilian woman distributing flyers to passersby in downtown Ribeirao Preto, a city in southeastern Brazil. Until then everything is going well ... Would you tell me ...

A few seconds later, and to the surprise of passers-by, the young Brazilian begins to scream hysterically, and attacks a man, accusing him of having assaulted her. The latter tries to make him understand that he had done nothing wrong and that he was totally innocent. But his explanations only amplified the anger of the young woman, who immediately removed his shirt before attacking with breasts in the face.

For those who think that the reaction of the young woman was totally legitimate, and those who say that his act is extreme or shocking, the video in question is not at all unnoticed. But there is one thing that may surprise you: the video was only a film made by a Brazilian theater troupe named ConfluĂȘncias Group.

"We want to focus on something our sisters and friends experience every day. We aim to change the perception of people, and empower women. We would like to encourage the stalkers to think about their actions. This is what Fausto Ribeiro, General Manager of the ConfluĂȘncias group, said.

Even if this initiative that shocked many people, may seem completely inappropriate and daring for some, one thing is sure: The stalkers who saw the video, will never dare to attack a woman on the street.

How to deal with street harassment?
Stalkers spare no one! Many women in different age groups and social categories experience daily verbal and physical aggression, which has serious consequences for their psychology and their relationships with others. Here are some simple tips for dealing with bullying:

- The first thing to do to defend yourself against your stalker, is not to be silent. Keep calm, and make him understand that his act is totally inappropriate, and that you do not accept that people approach you in this way. (Warning, only answer when you know that you are safe, and that your stalker can not use physical violence).

- Never insult your stalker, and avoid talking to him to avoid any violent reaction on his part.

- If you feel threatened, do not hesitate to ask for help from passersby, and to call the police.

- If bullying occurs at school or in your workplace, do not hesitate to talk to your leaders.

- Always keep track and evidence that shows you have actually been harassed. (Even if you have no evidence, you can still report your stalker).

- Learn self-defense techniques, but only use them when you really need them.
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