Must Watch : "I'll Do Anything For You," Says The 10-year-old Who Wants A New Family And A New Home

Approximately 290,000 children are cared for by child protection institutions. These children without families, who are in most cases abandoned by their parents, may suffer from psychological problems that may prevent them from integrating normally into society and achieving their goals. Discover the story of this 10-year-old boy who would give everything to be adopted by a host family.

Many people tend to underestimate the importance of the family, and to think that living in a family is not a blessing they should be very grateful for. These people probably do not know that there are neglected children who are willing to give anything to enjoy the warmth and affection of a family home. Take the example of this little boy of 10 years whose ultimate dream is to find a host family to adopt.

"I'll Do Anything For You," Says The 10-year-old Who Wants A New Family And A New Home

Living in a family: The ultimate dream of this little boy, 10 years old.
Jeremiah, is a small child of 10 years old. He has been resident for 3 years in a foster home in the state of Oklahoma in the United States. In spite of all the affection and the attention that the people in charge of the home give him, he does not want to be part of a childhood house, and he says that he is ready to do everything to find a family of children. home who agrees to adopt it.

Jeremiah is an exemplary and exceptional child, and that's the least we can say about him! He is so friendly and well educated, that those in charge of the childhood home in which he resides, as well as his friends, all agree that he is the wisest child in the home.

In spite of his great kindness, and the goodness of his heart. Some children in the home enjoy hitting and humiliating him on a daily basis, which has a very negative impact on his psychological and physical health. And that's why Jeremiah does not want to spend another day in his childhood home.

"There will be a nice mom, a nice dad, good kids, and little pets ... I'll do anything for them! This is what Jeremiah revealed when a journalist asked him how he imagined the family of his dreams.

A few days after the publication of his video, 3,000 families volunteered for the adoption of the 10-year-old child. But only one lucky family has been chosen to welcome him. We hope Jeremiah can finally have the life of his dreams in his new family!

The moving story of Jeremiah teaches us that having a family is a great privilege that many people do not have. So let's take care of our families, and show them how much we love them!

What are the tips for caring for an adopted child?
If you are one of those people who are fortunate enough to be able to offer a family life to a helpless child, you should be able to follow some important guidelines so that your child can grow up in the best possible conditions. Here are a few :

- Before adopting a child, try to collect all the necessary information about his past, and the life he led before returning to your home. This information will help you better know your personality, and know how you should behave with him.

- A few weeks before the arrival of your new child, think of preparing a room decorated according to his preferences, and prepare all the things he will need to really feel at home.

- If you have other children, try to explain to them beforehand that a new child will join them, and that they will have to consider him as their real brother or sister, and integrate as much as they can into their activities. daily.

- Your adopted child must feel that you love him just as you love your other biological children. Tell yourself that you have made the decision to adopt it, and assume all your responsibilities. Show him that you love him, and that there is no difference between him and your biological children.

- It is quite normal that some adopted children refuse to open to you at first, because for them, you are a stranger. So you need to be able to reassure your new child, and make him feel safe so that he can finally be revealed to you.

- Despite all your efforts, your child still can not integrate into your family, it is strongly recommended that you consult a specialist. The latter will guide you, and offer tailor-made solutions to better manage your relationship with your new child.
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