Mom Shares Photos Of f Herself Giving Birth To Stillborn Child

Mom Shares Photos Of f Herself Giving Birth To Stillborn Child

A birth symbolizes a renewal, a new life by the arrival of a newborn but also a new life for parents. This long-awaited moment is imagined, prepared and infinitely hoped for by the parents and in particular by the mother who feels closer, the development and the life of her child day after day. So how do you react when parents learn that their child will not survive beyond the mother's womb and therefore from birth? How to manage and cure the loss of a stillborn child?

The birth of a child is one of the most important things we have to live in our life. Synonymous with happiness and renewal, it can change our lives at all levels and in the most beautiful way. Yet everything may not go as planned and a pregnancy may well be complicated and result in a stillborn child.

Tragic loss of a stillborn child

Sarah Jade has had the bitter and painful experience of the arrival of a stillborn child after 33 weeks of pregnancy. This young Australian woman of

33 years old lived with her husband Tim, one of the most difficult experiences that parents can experience in a lifetime. Moreover, Sarah Jade wanted to anticipate her healing by immortalizing and sharing pictures of her traumatic work and the birth of her son Aksel Jude.

At 20 weeks of pregnancy, the doctors discovered that there was a problem with the brain development of Sarah Jade's future child. Amniosynthesis and MRI at 30 weeks of pregnancy revealed and confirmed the irreversible condition of Aksel and the fact that he would not survive beyond his mother's womb.

When a baby dies at this stage, the mother-to-be and the father experience this painful experience in a similar way only if they had a healthy child and died.

As a therapy and to honor the memory of their son, Sarah Jade and her husband Tim, asked photographer Lacey Barratt to make a photo report from the time Aksel was born to the funeral. Sarah, who already has a three-year-old son, Arthur, said about Aksel's birth: "I wanted a beautiful birth, but when we knew what would be the result of it, I absolutely wanted to capture those moments . "

"I will never regret taking these pictures, it's something unforgettable for us," said Sarah Jade.

What is stillbirth?

Stillbirth by definition refers to a child born lifeless after 22 weeks of pregnancy. In France, a European birth-rate country, the indicators of perinatal health are, for their part, much worse. France has the highest rate of babies born at birth in Europe, and there is nothing in 2010, a rate of children born lifeless that reached 9.2 per 1,000 births.

In most cases, stillbirth occurs when pregnancy presents with complications such as gestational delay, an undetected infectious cause, a vascular and placental abnormality, or a fetal abnormality.

Apart from examining and analyzing the medical aspects of stillbirth, it is important to take into account the psychological effects of this on the family. Psychological care is therefore immediately put in place to help the couple who have experienced such a tragedy, through the trauma of perinatal mourning.

Once the explorations are complete and the results of the cause of stillbirth obtained, it is important that information about the cause of death and the possibility that it will affect future pregnancies be communicated to the family as soon as possible. despite a quarter of cases of stillbirth remain unexplained.

The photographs of Sarah Jade, Tim and Aksel are poignant and emotionally charged. "It's so reassuring to come back and look at them and say: I was holding you, you were real," said the mother.

Mom Shares Photos Of f Herself Giving Birth To Stillborn Child

This kind of test shows us how human beings can not have control over everyday events, but beyond all that, they have all the potential and the resources they need to overcome all kinds of problems. Even the worst is the loss of a child. Congratulate Sarah Jade and Tim for all this noble courage.

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