Mom Defends Her Right To Breastfeed In Public After Being Criticized At Disneyland

Between supporters and detractors, breastfeeding in public is a very controversial topic in our society. Even though several countries allow mothers to breastfeed their children in public, some women find themselves forced to hide for fear of being judged or harassed by passers-by. That's what happened to this American mom who was criticized for breastfeeding her 10-month-old baby in public.

The story we are going to talk about today is, at least, shocking and revolting. Because in this world where nudity is everywhere, and where people claim to respect the freedom of others, there are always people who can be mean to a mother only because she has breastfed her baby in public. Here is the story of this American mom who did not let down by the criticism of these two women.

Mom Defends Her Right To Breastfeed In Public After Being Criticized At Disneyland

Harassed for breastfeeding her child in public ...
A few weeks ago, a Facebook article published by Brittni Medina, a young American mother has sown a wave of indignation and excitement in the ranks of Internet users. In her article, the American mom recounts an incident that happened to her while she was with her 10-month-old child, and her husband at Disneyland California in the United States.

"I was at Disneyland Park with my husband and my 10-month-old kid, and we were queuing to take a picture of all three. Then my baby started crying because he was hungry. So I took off my first top, and started breastfeeding. Suddenly, two women started making nasty comments and criticizing me for daring to breastfeed my child in public. So I moved to them, and I asked my husband to take my picture with them. I did not do this to make the buzz or to attract attention, but only because I believe that moms who breastfeed their children in public places should not be criticized, nor be ashamed to do so. "

Contrary to what we can believe, the comments of Internet users were not all encouraging. Some even told the mother that she had bad intentions and that she was breastfeeding her child only to get noticed and make a buzz. But these comments did not stop Brittni from continuing to breastfeed and encourage other moms to do the same.

"There are some people who do not like what I do. I would like to tell them that I do not need their consent to breastfeed my child, the American law and the Disneyland rules allow me to breastfeed, and breasts are not sexual. "

Today Brittni Medina is considered by many to be the perfect example of a strong and courageous woman. The latter gave a good lesson to the two women who made fun of her, and to all the people who dare to harass others. The American mother does not regret for a second that she breastfed her child in public. She even claims to be very proud and happy to have helped encourage thousands of other moms to do the same thing.

Breastfeeding in public:
There is no law prohibiting women from breastfeeding their children in public spaces. Yet, few women who dare to show themselves breastfeeding their babies in front of mocking and sometimes disgusted eyes of passersby. They are therefore forced to use bottles and deprive their children of breast milk. But why this relentlessness against breastfeeding in public?

Some experts say that breastfeeding in public has always been a taboo subject, and that French people still have a hard time accepting a woman breastfeeding. Some are disgusted and others are shocked and even think that the women who do it are shameless and exhibitionist.

By the way, just take a look at social media to see the huge number of women who are teased for breastfeeding their children in public. In some forums and sites for moms, there are even articles that show how to quietly breastfeed his child without being noticed by others. Although many activists fight to defend the right to breastfeeding in public, the French still have a long way to go!

Finally, we would like to remind all women that breastfeeding in public places is a right, and that they should never feel embarrassed about breastfeeding when they need it!
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