Massage These Stress Points To Immediately Calm A Crying Baby

The sense of touch is the most expressive love language for babies. This is the method that parents commonly use to comfort them. Find out how you can soothe your frustrated baby with reflexology, a very efficient massage technique.

The massage for babies helps relieve stress, as well as treat constipation and other respiratory problems.

Massage These Stress Points To Immediately Calm A Crying Baby

What are the most common causes of stress in babies?

Parents' anxiety: Babies are hypersensitive to the emotional state of their parents. Strange as it may seem, they seem to have a radar capable of detecting what they feel and quickly affect their mental state.

Excess stimuli: Intense lights, noises, too much activity changes, and sudden movements can make babies nervous.

Feeling unattended: Babies who are not fed when they are hungry, not changed when their diapers are wet, and who do not get answers to their babbling, are more likely to suffer from stress problems, and fears than those to whom the parents devote all kinds of care and attention.

Lack of routines: Babies must follow a regular schedule of meals, sleep, and bath. In this way, they can always anticipate what will happen, which gives them a pleasant feeling of security.

Lack of sleep: If they do not rest enough and regain strength, the fatigue ends up hurting them, first in the form of nervousness and then stress.

What is reflexology and why is this technique used?

Reflexology has its origins in Chinese medicine. It consists of a foot massage technique that can also be performed on other parts of the body, such as hands or ears (called reflex zones). This therapy effectively manages to relieve the pain of chronic diseases and significantly improves the general condition of the body.

Reflexology is used similarly to improve blood circulation and stimulate the body.

Here's how to calm an upset baby in 6 steps, by reflexology:

1. Headache and / or gums
If your baby has headaches or gums, massage the tips of his fingers. This will relieve him quickly.

2. Pain in the sinuses
If the pain in the sinus is boring enough for an adult, it is an unbearable pain for a baby. To relieve it, gently massage the center of the bottom of your baby's toes.

3. Chest
If your baby has chest congestion, apply a circular massage on the foot pads, just below the toes and over the arch. This will relieve congestion as well as coughing problems.

4. Malaise in the stomach (solar plexus)
It is very common to see a baby who suffers from an upset stomach. To relieve them, apply a massage in the center of the foot. This area is connected to the solar plexus, which is a set of nerves between the stomach and the lungs.

5. Abdominal pain (upper and lower)
Massage the middle of the foot if the baby is constipated. And if it has gas, you can massage the middle between the foot and the heel.

6. Basin
Babies sometimes develop parts of the body faster than others, and hip pain is one of the most common. To relieve it, you can apply a massage on the heels.
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