A Man Discovers A Snake In A Box Of Green Beans

Green beans are beneficial for health, they can be associated with a lot of other ingredients such as raw vegetables, fish, meats, and the list is still long ... But Leader Price (or the leader of exotic culinary inventions) decided to surprise its customers with a new and exceptional recipe: green beans with a snake! Read the shocking testimony of this Girondin couple who found a snake in a box of green beans bought at Leader Price.

Tuesday, July 31, Alain Pradal and his wife were preparing their lunch. And what was their surprise when they discovered a dead black snake in their box of green beans. The two spouses never expected to find such a thing in their food, and the discovery of this snake put them in a state of profound shock. But one thing is certain ! This Girondin couple will not eat a crumb of beans all their life!

If the story of this couple shocked you, know that this incident is not the only one of its kind. In March 2016, a couple from Morbihan, had the same surprise in a box of green beans brand Kerlys. These vegetable canneries are definitely followers of dishes based on reptiles!

A Man Discovers A Snake In A Box Of Green Beans

Canned foods: A real danger to health.

All doctors around the world agree that canned foods lose a lot of their nutritional value, and present real health risks. The journal Food and Function has published a study that states that zinc oxide, which helps maintain food preservation, has an impact on digestion.

In addition, there is a non-exhaustive list of why you should stop buying canned foods.

- Canned foods contain too much sugar and sodium. When these are consumed on a regular basis, they can cause several diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, kidney failure, and a whole lot of other dysfunctions.

- Canned foods lose a lot of vitamins and nutrients, and while many manufacturers add vitamin and mineral supplements to their canned foods, they can not replace the natural nutrients found in organic foods.

- In order to minimize costs, food manufacturers prefer fruits and vegetables treated with pesticides to organic foods. And as you probably know, these pesticides are responsible for many types of cancer and serious diseases.

- When storage conditions are not respected, canned foods can turn into poison! Indeed, several toxic and even fatal bacteria can proliferate and put at risk.

How to replace canned foods?

With stress and daily life, many people are forced to replace fresh foods with canned foods or frozen foods. But thanks to some simple and effective instructions, you can avoid industrial foods while taking care of your health.

- Make the habit of shopping in advance, and choose vegetables and fresh fruits and organic.

- If you do not have time to cook, prepare simple dishes that do not require much time and effort (Salads, vegetable gratins ...)

- When you have free time in front of you, prepare several dishes for the week. But beware ! Some foods can not be kept too long.

- If you like fast foods, try preparing them at home with natural foods. In addition to taking care of your health, you will improve your culinary skills!
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