Malaysian CEO Died After The Explosion Of His Phone Charging Near His Bed

Smartphones are useful but they can also become dangerous. Although it may seem unthinkable, your life could be endangered by the use of these devices that, over the years, have become indispensable to us. This was the case of Nazrin Hassan, the CEO of Cradle Fund, who died following the explosion of his mobile phone.

Malaysian CEO Died After The Explosion Of His Phone Charging Near His Bed

The most common reasons for explosion of smartphones
  • High temperatures
  • Use of defective or worn batteries
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Short circuits
  • Poor ventilation
  • Poor quality of the voltage of the power source
  • Moisture and dust
  • Malaysian CEO dies after smartphone explosion

Nazrin Hassan was CEO of an influential investment fund in Malaysia, he died after an explosion while charging the battery of one of his smartphones next to his bed. The events occurred when one of his two cell phones exploded causing a fire in the house.

"He had two phones, we do not know which one exploded. Who would have thought that such a harmless routine (charging a cell phone) would be the reason why three children will grow up without a father by their side? "Says Hassan's brother-in-law.

"We ask everyone to respect the privacy of the family during this time of grief, our thoughts and prayers are with his family," he adds.

Serving Cradle for more than 15 years, the company praised Nazrin's efforts to promote start-up financing for technology start-ups: "His vision and love of innovation will always be at the heart of what we do. Nazrin loved his job, but his greatest love was for his wife and children. "

Malaysian CEO Died After The Explosion Of His Phone Charging Near His Bed

"Cradle has lost a visionary and creative genius, and the world has lost an incredible human being," said Chief of Operations Razif Aziz.

"Those of us who have had the chance to know and work with Nazrin have lost a dear friend and inspiring mentor," he added.

Precautionary measures
One of the main questions users usually ask is whether to charge the phone all night long. Experts say that while most modern phones are smart enough to stop charging when they reach full capacity, there is a big risk of letting it plug in for hours.

Some experts recommend removing the phone if it is charging for a long time, as this may cause overheating and unnecessary battery damage. On the other hand, another factor that influences the proper functioning of the batteries are the extreme temperatures, which damage the phone itself.

Although companies have succeeded in improving their batteries to avoid accidents, the user must also be cautious:
  • Never leave the mobile phone connected to the charger cable for several hours.
  • Never answer a call when the charger is connected to the power supply.
  • Protect the device. It is best to keep it away from sand, excessive heat, water and dust.
  • Even if you are more interested in the price, use only original batteries, because they are the ones that guarantee the best security.
  • Do not carry your phone in the pockets of your shirt.
  • Try not to listen to music directly from the phone. It is best to use an MP3, MP4 or iPod device, designed to be used for long hours without risk of overheating.
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