Letter From A Mother: The Real Heroes Of The Maternity Ward Are Not The Doctors, They Are The Nurses

All women who have had the opportunity to give birth to a child will agree that maternity nurses are exceptional people who are making tremendous efforts to ensure that all stages of childbirth take place in children. best conditions. Here is the moving message that an American blogger posted on her Facebook account to pay tribute to these dedicated and affectionate women.

Giving birth to a child is a wonderful experience that many women would like to experience at least once in their lifetime. However, as you probably already know, childbirth is not an easy thing to do at all: pain, fear, and excitement are all feelings mothers face at this euphoric event. and painful. Fortunately, there are extraordinary women who are ready to bend over backwards to help mothers to give birth to their child in the best conditions: nurses in maternity.

Here is the viral article that this mom published to pay tribute to nurses in maternity.

A few months ago, a viral article published by the American blogger Jill Krause, managed to go around the web in the space of a few hours after its publication on its Facebook account. In her article, Jill Krause posted a very moving and meaningful photo taken by Katie Lacer, an American photographer specializing in birthing and newborn pictures. This photo has been shared thousands of times by Internet users, illustrates a maternity nurse, helping a new mother during her toilet. Here is the message that accompanied the photo:

"I will never forget the faces of these nurses who accompanied me to the bathroom when I had just given birth, they were at my side at the time when I was so fragile, scared, and tired ... They m'm ' treated with such respect and affection. Their actions reassured me, and gave me a lot of strength. This photo reminds me of my delivery ... Let's pay tribute to all these maternity nurses. "

Jill Krause's article has encouraged many other moms to share their experiences with maternity nurses, which are as touching as each other. Let's take the example of this comment posted by a mother who gave birth a month after the death of her first child.

"I will never forget the doctor, the nurses, and the caregiver for all their help during the delivery of my second child. I lost my first child who was 13 months old one month before the birth of my second child. I was not happy at all to give birth. But the nurses were so kind and empathic, they did everything to make me happy. I thank all the people who practice these professions for their work, and all the dedication they show. "

Why are maternity nurses so special?

While all nurses, and all health care professionals, make enormous efforts every day to ensure the well-being of their patients, maternity nurses are special, and deserve all our gratitude and gratitude. Here are the reasons why these nurses are so unique and exceptional.

- They make sacrifices:

Maternity nurses often have irregular schedules and long hours of work. And yet, they continue to help moms, with a lot of dedication and affection.

- They never leave moms alone:

Maternity nurses help moms when everyone is concerned about the arrival of the newborn. They are the only people who do not leave them, and who are always there when they need them.

- They are patient:

Childbirth is not easy to manage at all, yet nurses in the maternity ward are able to maintain calm and patience, even during the most difficult times. They manage to manage their emotions, and reassure moms, while ensuring that all stages of delivery take place in the best conditions.

- They are reassuring:

Moms are often afraid at the time of delivery, they do not know if they will have the strength, and courage to give birth to their child. But maternity nurses continue to reassure them that they are not alone and that they are able to overcome their pain and fear.

- They are brave:

Maternity nurses often face scenes and difficult events that many sensitive people can not bear. But thanks to their courage and strength of character, they continue to persevere, and to accomplish their work with all the dedication of the world!
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