Job Offer: Get Paid To Take Care Of Cats On An Island Of Dreams

Do you enjoy nature and tranquility? Do you like animals and especially cats? If you like to live in a beautiful and unspoilt environment and the company of these adorable felines, look no further! This exists and it is a paid job that is offered by a charity on the island of Syros, Greece.

A dream job in good company
The God's Little People Cat Rescue Association is looking for a reliable, responsible, honest and above all a cat-loving person, to take care of the fifty-five felines of the Delfini sanctuary on the island of Syros, in the sea Aegean.

According to the announcement posted on Facebook, this person will have the chance to live in the sanctuary: a house with a garden on the island overlooking the Aegean Sea, in a natural and preserved environment, and she will take care of cats during four hours a day, feeding them, caring for them if necessary, and offering them love and care.

In addition to the peace, tranquility and free time she will enjoy, the idyllic environment in which she will live and the animals with which she will be surrounded, all housing costs will be covered and a salary between 359 and 400 euros will be granted. .

Thus, interested persons are asked to send their application to the address [email protected], as the interviews will start at the end of August for taking office on 1 November 2018.

Already more than three thousand applicant
Joan Bowell, the sanctuary's owner, has already received thousands of messages and must manage such a large number of applications that she turned to her friends for help in selecting the best ones.

In just one week, his job offer had been shared more than 24 thousand times and commented 21 thousand times.

The benefits of life in nature
We live in a society where the majority of the population lives in the city and where life is more and more stressful, the imperatives always more numerous and where it seems that one has less and less time to oneself to relax and relax. However, scientists say that living in the city is associated, among other things, with the risk of developing mental illnesses.

At the same time, it seems that more and more people are being drawn to a life in the countryside and in natural environments.

In fact, nature has many beneficial effects on our morale and our health, and living in contact with it on a daily basis has become a dream for many people.

According to a study by Stanford University, spending time in contact with nature would have a positive effect on our psyche. It would make us feel younger and happier and reduce the risk of depression.

The benefits of caring for animals
Like contact with nature, living with animals would also have many therapeutic benefits.

Cats in particular have a considerable positive effect on both the mind and the physical condition.

The presence of these animals in our environment tends to reduce stress and anxiety, so that living ten years with a cat reduces our risk of suffering from cardiovascular disorders and decreases for example by nearly a third our chances of dying from a heart attack.

Cats make us feel more relaxed and promote positive emotions and good mood.

What make us want to adopt one today! Or apply for a job offer like this one!
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