Incredible Dad Has Found A Way To Calm A Crying Baby In Seconds - Must Watch Video

Nobody knows better the sleepless nights than the young parents. The baby can cry all night and so parents can not sleep, which is why mothers and fathers invent various tips. Some sing to their baby to sleep, others rock him, others still use relaxing baths. But, apparently, there is an easier way. And this dad invented it to calm his little girl instantly.

How to Stop a Crying Baby in seconds

Why is baby crying?

Your baby is entirely dependent on you. You provide him with the food, warmth and comfort he needs. When he cries, it's his way of communicating his needs and asking for attention and care.

It is sometimes difficult to know what the need is. But as your baby gets older, he learns other ways to communicate with you. For example, he will get better at eye contact, making noises and smiling.

Here are some reasons why your baby may cry.

1. Baby is hungry
Hunger is one of the most common reasons a baby cries, especially if it's a newborn baby. The more recent his birth, the more likely he is to be hungry.

The baby's stomach is small and can not hold much content. It will not take long before he needs to be fed again. If you are breastfeeding, offer your breast, even if the last feeding lasted a long time. This is called reactive power. The baby will let you know when he has enough, stop suckling, and look happy and relaxed.

2. Baby has colic
If your baby is crying a lot, he may have colic. He can become red and frustrated, and refuse your efforts to appease him. He can clench his fists, raise his knees or arch backwards. This is so common in babies, that many experts think it can be just a normal development stage. Other experts think that this can be associated with stomach problems. For example, an allergy or intolerance to something in breast milk, or a type of formula. It can also be related to wind, constipation or reflux, when the baby regurgitates food.

If you think your baby is crying excessively, take him to the pediatrician to exclude other causes. The doctor will check that nothing serious is causing your baby's distress.

3. Baby wants to be hugged
The baby needs a lot of hugs, physical contact and comfort to be soothed. So his crying can mean that he just wants you to take him in your arms. The baby likes the sound of your heart rate, the warmth of your body and your smell.

Whatever the cause, living with a baby who cries regularly and inconsolably can be very stressful and exhausting. It is also important to take care of yourself, so that you have the patience and energy to soothe your little one. Besides, this dad had a genius idea to appease his girl, and apparently, the trick works very well!

His name is Daniel Eisenman and he is from California. He is very happy to have a child, but even the strongest love can be put to the test when the crying of the child begins to become very annoying. Fortunately, Daniel has experienced a trick that works every time.

Every time his daughter starts crying, he makes the sound 'O-m-m-m-m'. After 5 seconds, her daughter automatically calms down and falls asleep. Watch the video below that shows this dad's method.

The video shows Daniel's girl stop crying instantly when she hears this unusual sound. The young dad has uploaded the video on Facebook, it has received more than 273 000 "likes" and more than 407 000 shares.

The man explains this trick of sounding 'O-m-m-m' by the fact that this sound actually mimics the sound babies hear in the womb of the mother. Any buzz, even the sound of a vacuum cleaner, reminds them of the mother's heartbeat. Since babies are used to this noise, they calm down instantly.

A great idea that all parents should test with their baby. This can save many parents from sleepless nights and stress. Feel free to share this tip with all new parents!

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