Guinness Record: This Woman Has The Longest Nails In The World

This Woman Has The Longest Nails In The World

The nails, can be a real instrument of beauty for the woman like us indicate a reflection of our state of health and in particular, possible deficiencies in minerals or trace elements. But for some like Ayanna Williams, her nails serve her just to be known! This American has not cut her fingernails for 23 years and has broken the world record with the longest fingernails in the world. They measure in total more than 576 cm!

Ayanna Williams, an American living in Texas is the woman with the longest nails in the world. They measure a little over 576 cm and she has been growing for over 23 years!

Winning to be known, her dream came true when her "feat" was added to the Guinness Book of Records 2018. Ayanna's ultimate wish is to do everything in her power to preserve the length of her nails of which she takes great care. The previous world record was held by Shridhar Chillal with 909.6 cm on one hand and who had not cut his nails for more than 60 years.

This Woman Has The Longest Nails In The World

Meticulous care
Ayanna Williams does her best not to clean, wash, or wash, and also preserves her nails and long legs by putting them flat on a pillow at night. She does not mind either to use a stylus to manipulate her cell phone or computer. Regarding the installation of his nail polish, it requires more than 20 hours, and two bottles of varnish to completely varnish the nails with both hands.

How does she do in everyday life?
Many are entitled to wonder when they see her hands, how she does to live normally. With such long nails the most basic tasks seem to become very complicated. How can she wash, dress or even eat without any assistance. Questions that remain unanswered because she assures that she lives normally without the slightest constraint ... But all this is after all, not verifiable and Ayanna Williams who wants to keep his nails at all costs, does not care ...

This Woman Has The Longest Nails In The World

From another angle, originally having nails a little too long causes many disadvantages. Difficulty getting contact lenses, unable to close bracelets or necklaces, waking up with scratches and cleanliness concerns. Because obviously, too long nails are carriers of bacteria ...

The fact that Ayanna has such long nails that bring her so much satisfaction is a very exceptional case not to reproduce. Indeed, not caring for her nails or cutting them could cause serious injuries as was the case for Lee Redmond, an American woman who had her own place in the Guinness World Records. His nails were more than 8 meters long and had not been cut since 1979, they broke during the car accident in 2009.

So we advise you to stick to the nails, after all, of a perfectly normal length!
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